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I am new to using Numbers and I would like to know how to delete an entire sheet that I accidentally made a duplicate of. Selecting delete doesn't seem to do the trick and I can't seem to drag the file into the trash either. Any suggestions, or is this even possible?


Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    Select the sheet in the left side bar by clicking on it and either use the delete key or the delete on the right/ctrl click context menu. Make sure you select the sheet not just the table/s on the sheet.
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    Thanks Ashka, I already tried that and It does work, but my dilemma is getting the entire file/name out of my Numbers program, if this makes any sense.

    When I open my saved sheets, the sheet which I deleted is still present in name and opens up as a blank now that I have deleted it's content.

    How can I get the file/name completely out of my Numbers application?

    Thanks to anyone that can help with this.
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    You might try deleting the file using Finder. Navigate to the file's location (maybe your "Documents" folder) and delete (Move to Trash).

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    There is a long thread about this subject here:


    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE vendredi 11 juillet 2008 11:16:44)
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    Within a Numbers document, you may delete either the contents of a sheet (its tables, text, charts. etc.) or the sheet itself. If it was just the contents of the sheet but not the sheet itself, you will still see the sheet, with whatever name it has been given. That could be either the default "Sheet n" where n is a number signifying creation order, or some custom name you have given the sheet.

    If you delete the entire sheet, the default names are not reordered: if you have a "Sheet 1" & a "Sheet 2" & then delete Sheet 1, Sheet 2 retains its name. The next sheet created will have a default name of "Sheet 3." And so on.

    You cannot delete every sheet of a document -- it must always have at least one sheet, although it can be empty of all content. This could be referred to as a "blank sheet" for the sake of clarity.

    With this in mind, could you explain what more precisely you mean by, "When I open my saved sheets, the sheet which I deleted is still present in name and opens up as a blank now that I have deleted it's content"?

    IOW, did you delete the sheet or its contents? By "saved sheets" do you mean the document file or something else? By "blank" do you mean you see a blank sheet (nothing in it), a table with no entries in its cells, or something else? By "in name" do you mean the sheet name is still listed in the "Sheets" pane on the left of the document window?

    My guess is you are not actually deleting the sheet, just its contents. If so, try clicking on the sheet name again in the left pane, making sure a yellow selection rectangle appears around all of its contents in that pane, & then press the delete key. You should get a request to confirm that you want to delete the sheet.