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  • rmastalerz Level 1 (5 points)
    I've recently started looking into this as my display has had these issues for a while. I have the 2,1 version of this macbook pro. I took the laptop (have applecare... only good for another 3 months) to the apple store and within 15 minutes they ordered a new screen to replace the current one (I set an appt online... no waiting). The guy at the genius bar was awesome BTW.

    My worry is that the replacement screen will just be another version of the same... anyone had that issue? Replaced the screen and have the same issue?
  • itsmrbill Level 1 (0 points)
    Just to chime in with my experience, I recently had a similar issue on my Early 2008 MacBookPro4,1, 2.4 GHz. A couple of white blotches as well as some black specs appeared on mine as I came near the end of my first year under Applecare.

    Also had battery issues and my power supplys' little light wouldn't always work. Fortunately with a trip to the Apple store in Santa Rosa, CA they in less then two hours replaced my screen, battery and power supply. Hope others have the same luck.

    A little bummed that I had problems so early in my computers life but I do use it all day every day and the fact that Apple took care of it for me was awesome.
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    I have an early 2009 17" MBP (2.93) GHz unibody machine. Absolutely loved it up until a few weeks ago when my Logic board was acting up. Apple replaced it (with the wrong one, incidentally; they put the one with the default 2.66 cpu in it. They replaced that one with the right board after I noticed.) Well, just last night I noticed these two white spots on the bottom right part of the screen. I knew immediately what they were because I had gone through the nightmare on my 50" widescreen Sony Grand Wega rear projector lcd. (Had that one replaced 5 times before the problem went away!!). In any case, evidently this issue occurs on the newer MBP's. Now I suspect I'm going to have to try to convince a Genius that this is a problem, not related to their burned pixels policy. Ugh! Not again!!!
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    I have a june 2009 mbp 17". Couple of days ago I started seeing two light spots in the lower third part of my screen, one on the left and one on the right(only showing up on white/gray backgrounds, not on a black background).
    Took it to the Apple Premium Store I bought it. They'll send it to Apple. The store manager thinks it will be covered by the guarantee. I'll post a follow-up when I hear from Apple.
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    It took 3 weeks, but I finally got my mbp back. Apple replaced the screen under guarantee.
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    Same problem on my august 2009 MacBook pro 5,5 13". I'm calling Apple now to hear what they can do.
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    I have a 2007 Santa Rosa MacBook Pro on it's third screen. These spots are appearing again on the lower left and right sides.

    When apple replaced the screen for the second time they told me that this was called LCD bruising and that they shouldn't be replacing it. (yay im so special!) But no its happening again in the same spot. They occur above the heat bar, and I think those locations receive a lot of pressure due to the hinge being too stiff.

    I'm sick of this. I asked for a replacement laptop last time I was dealing with this and they refused. They say that this is a cosmetic issue(how the **** is the LCD cosmetic?).

    I don't know what to do. I pressed the replacement issue and Apple said if any major components fail before June 5th 2010 (applecare deadline) they'll strongly consider a replacement. This on top of the fact that I know the 8600Ms after they've been replaced can fail again ****** me off.

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