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  • Himhilion Level 1 Level 1
    I just tried your suggestion and it does appear to work. I'm still not sure this is an issue with the actual file/download being an "Plus" song. I think it has more to do with iTunes code/kernel directly, whichever part of the code deals with "what do I do after a download is complete?" i.e. refreshing the screen, which view/source do I change to, etc. There is some loop that is not getting closed up and has a very high run count before it bombs out and iTunes finally decides to do something about it. This might also explain why the CPU gets pegged at 100% when it hits the "processing file" phase of the download.
  • dblbutter Level 1 Level 1
    Well I am in the same boat with the rest of you.
    Don't remember having this before or Genius?
    Guess there's some irony for ya.

    Genius... BHAH!
  • apollo6375 Level 1 Level 1
    This worked for me:

    iTunes ( for me allows 3 simultaneous downloads. When I find an album/iMix I like, i usually get click-happy and cue many songs to buy. Usually, when I cue more than the 3 songs and there is a delay/error when communicating with itunes store, the files that are "processing" hang indefinitely. I go back to the album I was downloading and click the "X" (cancel) box in the display screen (the gray box that usually shows the current track/album info). For me, the display box says "purchasing XXXXXXX"..As soon as I cancel this (and the others cued) via the "X", everything goes through and the "processing" tracks get added to my library.

    I avoid this by avoiding cueing no more than are allowed to download at once (3 for me).

    I think iTunes hangs when it cannot communicate with the store while in shopping mode and this stalls the "processing" task(s).
  • toby030 Level 1 Level 1
    I'm seeing this issue regularly on my iPod touch. These are the steps I usually do:

    - On the iPod touch "Music" program, go to one of the podcasts I'm subscribed.
    - Click on 'Get more episodes'. This takes me to the iTunes store app.
    - Click 'Download'.

    The episode usually downloads pretty quickly, but then it gets stuck at the Processing stage. After five minutes or so of 'Processing' it will tell me that there has been an unknown error and that I should retry.

    Sometimes it helps to try erasing and reloading over and over again (may 20 times or so), which is a pretty frustrating experience.

    Given the experience of others in this thread I most definitely will not buy anything from the store from my iPod where erasing and reloading means recharging the credit card - even if I might get a refund after complaining.

    It's pathetic Apple has not been able to address this issue in over half a year.
  • William Blackburn Level 1 Level 1
    Having the same problem on iTunes for Mac. Ever hopeful I updated to itunes 8.1.1 but still no difference. Doesn't seem to help with single downloads or Genius turned off.

    I'm turning to Amazon for downloads and Spotify for streaming. After being in the lead the iTunes store is now falling behind in this market place.
  • groovycycle Level 1 Level 1
    I have the same problem. On Purchased the download goes normal, but afterwards it is "processing the file" for 5-10 minutes for each track. It takes hours to download an album of 15 or 20 songs.

    As I saw in several threads this problem exists at least since Nov. 2008.
    Is Apple not interested to sell music to millions of Windows users?
    (btw: I saw some people seem to have the same trouble on a Mac! as well)

    It seems Apple has no glue what the problem is, otherwise they should be
    providing a solution in the support forum.

    Imagine - how ridiculous if there is no fix for this. Apple is going to lose hundred thousand of customers..

    => I pray Apple to react quickly on this issue! <=

    Please provide some useful feedback. No ******** please! (e.g. it is NOT a Anti-Virus or FireWall problem or the like AND I have downloaded and installed the latest iTunes (8.1.1) directly from the Apple-Site!)
  • rbuecker Level 1 Level 1
    Yeah imagine my surprise when I went to download a 30+ track album and it took forever. I'm actually so worked up over it that I've read this entire thread, and even spent the time registering so I could add my 2 cents. Downloading time was pretty quick, so at least someone at Apple is doing their job. Now, who did they hire to work on iTunes version 8? And how much longer til his desk is cleaned out and his sorry *** is on the street begging for spare change and eating stale trash out of back street alleys?
  • henifer Level 1 Level 1
    I've had the very same issue going on. I, too, registered just to voice my complaint. I filled out the "report a problem" form in "my account" area, and they were nice enough to re-post, as it were, my music to try and re-download. Still the same 'stuck in processing file' situation. I've been using iTunes forever and have never had this problem until now. My jaw dropped when I saw how many folks on different forums are having the same issue.
    On another note - we have an Apple store nearby. I went there recently to get my iPod fixed, which they did. While there I was talking to the sales girl who said she's had nothing but problems with her Apple comp since purchasing it. Not only that, but I had to wonder about how the Apple store was packed with people who were having problems with their Apple product and waiting to talk to the Apple Genius folks, at 10:30a.m. on a work day.
  • Magnesium2431 Level 1 Level 1
    Well, just another voice in the multitude, but I had this problem for the first time today (after an autoupdate to After a few failed attempts to download a purchased album, I dropped back to one download at a time and the processing time went down to about 60sec per track. I've lost around 7 tracks (and a whole bunch of podcast episodes) - I can see them in the My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Download folder (being on the Devil's OS rather than MacOS :-)), and I can play them although some are truncated due to iTunes being killed during the apparent hanging. I've reported the problem on the Purchase History in my iTunes account, so hopefully will get the full download re-enabled.

    @Apple - it looks like a straight-forward bug to me, the behaviour is similar to the app sitting in a message loop; the CPU usage goes to 100% and then just sits there. Allowing simultaneous download makes the problem much worse as there appears to be contention between the threads, but even on single downloads the processing file stage can take minutes.
  • Magnesium2431 Level 1 Level 1
    Apple responded to my request for a reposting of the album within a few hours (thanks Ashley!). When I reviewed this thread again I checked the bit rate on the download that caused problems, and sure enough the sample rate was 256 kbps; all other previous (trouble-free) downloads were 128 kbps, so that's a possible cause - perhaps a CODEC problem?

    Anyway, for anyone else browsing the thread - if you've bought the track, I can recommend the "Report a problem" feature - go to iTunes Store, Account (in the Quick Links), Purchase History, Report a Problem.
  • QueenVictoria411 Level 1 Level 1
    I was having the exact same problem. It's extremely annoying, and at first I thought it was something wrong with my brand new laptop or Windows Vista.

    However, the "Memonitor" trick worked for me. Go into task manager, click the processes tab, and end memonitor (which I never even knew Verizon was doing...creepy). As soon as I stopped it, every single one of my purchased songs went right in. Also if there is no "memonitor" process running, there is probably another music download process running that is causing the songs to become stuck on "processing file". Look for any suspicious processes and before stopping that process google them to guarantee it is a music process, and then stop the process. A friend had the same problem and found out she had another music process running. After that, I did "report a problem" for the songs that I didn't receive before I stopped Memonitor, and Apple resent me the songs that failed to download.

    To do the "report a problem" go into your account (enter Itunes store and click on your username in the top right hand corner) and then click on Purchase History. At the bottom it will say report a problem. Click this and then choose the songs/playlists/movies/audiobooks/etc that you didn't receive. Click the first option that says "Didn't receive this song/playlist/whatever" and in the comment box state that it became stuck on "processing file" when it downloaded. I think they do understand that it is a problem, so they will resend the song, and you can try again. Just remember to stop any downloading processes before you start downloading the song again. At least they did for me, and I bought them with a gift card.

    But to completely avoid this problem in the future, I will buy every MP3 from Amazon.

    Also the files that become stuck "processing" do actually download on your computer and you can type in the title of the song on the search bar. For me, however, when I tried to open them in itunes it continuously asked me to login to itunes every time I clicked on the song. Then it would say "this song is already authorized on this computer" and would not play. They will play in Windows Media Center, however, which is completely useless.

    Hopefully this will help some people!! Good luck to you, and Apple please try to fix this problem. It's irritating!
  • QueenVictoria411 Level 1 Level 1
    There is also another process that may be linked to this problem. If you currently have Microsoft Office 2007, there is a program called Microsoft Office Groove 2007. The program Groove allows teams of developers to create workspaces where information and files can be shared and used as a team. This program always runs a process called "Groovemonitor.exe" every time you start up your computer. In other words, the process running is peer-to-peer file sharing, which itunes may not like so much.

    Go ahead and end that process (it's not going to be detrimental to stop the process unless for you actually use Microsoft Groove), and then try to download.

    I am not a hundred percent on this, but we PC owners know how much apple and microsoft conflict.
  • MLP123 Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem here for many moons. Had a mistaken belief that a company of Apple's caliber would have identified and fixed this by now...

    Computer hardware is more than capable to handle this task. No verizon process in memory. Tried turning off the firewall, AV, adding apple as a trusted site, etc. All to no avail.

    Problems first appeared when updating over 200 files to iTunes plus. Now, every time I upgrade one of the old 128kbps files to 256kbps (only done individually at this time--without simultaneous downloads), the download completes very quickly and "processing files" takes several minutes per file.

    For now, this inability to efficiently purchase product from Apple's iTunes has driven me to another download site that also begins with "A". Apple has a great UI experience and the integration is top notch. However, even with these benefits, the wasted time and frustration is not worth it.

    Apple: Please fix or communicate a reasonable work around. Until then, to avoid unnecessary health issues due to the pain and suffering associated with "processing file syndrome", I'm shopping elsewhere.

    Thanks in advance.
  • MLP123 Level 1 Level 1
    Just submitted a support ticket with the following text:


    Short Problem Description: purchased song is downloaded quickly; however, system hangs with high cpu usage for several minutes with the description showing on the download page as "processing file"

    System Information: iTunes version: with over 7,200 songs in my library; Windows XP Pro SP3; Norton Internet Security v16. (AV, Firewall, etc.); Intel-based system 3GHz Pentium 4; w/2 Gig RAM; lots of hard disk space; all other tasks process quickly (and iTunes used to as well!)

    Many others are having this problem--looks like the first post was in July of last year... see apple support discussion:

    Long Problem Description and steps taken to resolve:
    Every time I purchase a song -or- upgrade one of the old 128kbps files to 256kbps via iTunes plus, the download completes very quickly and "processing files" takes several minutes per file (note: no longer doing simultaneous downloads as this multiplies the problem).

    Computer hardware is more than capable to handle this task. No verizon process in memory. Tried turning off the firewall, AV, adding apple as a trusted site, etc. All to no avail.

    Apple: Please fix or communicate a reasonable work around. Until then, to avoid unnecessary health issues due to the pain and suffering associated with "processing file syndrome", I'm shopping elsewhere.

    Again, many others are having this problem as indicated on the apple support forum:
  • lgsj4 Level 1 Level 1
    I had the same problem with downloading fine and the staying in processing for days. I discovered it was spybot search and destroy virus scan program. Once I deleted it downloads and processing are running quick again. It update all the time so I have a feeling one of the updates caused a block. Go back to when you starting having problems it maybe other virus scans causing this also. I use Charter for all other spam/spyware/protection and do not have problems with it. I have now downloaded the same songs I had the problems with and they worked fine. I hope this helps.
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