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I am eligible for the free WiFi at Starbucks thru the Rewards program. For some reason, I can't get my iPhone to connect to the Starbucks AT&T WiFi. It finds the network and connects, but when I go into Safari it can't seem to pull up the initial screen where you enter your AT&T login and password. It has a screen that says "Javascript Probe" and never finishes loading that screen. It works fine with my laptop however. I've tried clearing my cache, resetting the WiFi connection, etc. - nothing helps. I know the WiFi at this Starbucks is fine, because like I said my laptop connnects okay. There is evidently some type of frontend on the router that decides whether you are connecting via AT&T or T-Mobile and it can't get past that initial screen. Any suggestions?

Compaq Presario Laptop, iPhone, Windows XP
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    I have this Same Exact Problem on My iPod Touch! (1.1.4)

    What is really strange is that when ATT/Starbucks offered this Free Hour a day for registering the card I was all over it almost as soon as they offered it...... and you know what... I had no issues connecting at starbucks, you can tell that the T-mobile is the main network at my Starbucks though because you are sent there first (even when connected to ATT Wifi) and then redirected to the Java Probe thing you were talking about... I am trying an experiment right now to resolve this issue...

    I went to starbucks
    Connected to ATT Wifi
    Tried to load google.com > redirected to the Java Probe that never loads
    Left starbucks and got on another open wifi
    The jave probe loaded up and I see the ATT login (like I did before the whole T-mobile ATT legal battle)
    Now I am going to go back to a starbucks with this page still loaded and enter in my login information...
    I will let you know if I have any luck with connecting this time and then if I can connect another day without all this load/unload junk

    (although the error may just be an agreement that T-mobile and ATT came up with becuase ATT hasn't setup their own network at the starbucks)
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    Samething here. Has anyone figured it out. Happened with Old iPhone 1.4 and 2.0 software and new iPhone 3G.

    Are there users out there using Starbucks Reward Card wi-fi with iPhone successfully?
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    I'm using a 3g phone successfully on starbucks wifi every day.
    but, it does bug me, here's why, when I get near the store, it detects the wifi and automatically switches onto it, at least according to the signal icon on the top left of my screen. but actually I can't get email or click links or do any web use until i have opened safari and typed in my password to the AT&T/starbucks login. It's a pain to open that and take the time to type my name and password every single time. Wish my phone would save those fields, wish the network could recognize me and skip the screen entirely. Instead, I try to hurry out of starbucks so I can skip using my iphone in there and check stuff when I get back out to a 3g area.
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    This is happens to me all the time. Sometimes stopping and reloading gets me past the javascript probe screen. I think its a problem with some Starbucks and the way they are wired. They are still in the transition between T-mobile and ATT. At my Starbucks, but Tmobile and ATT wifi networks show up. When I connect to ATT wifi and try to load a page in Safari, it first goes the the Tmobile handhaking site and then quickly goes to the ATT log in page (which I usually can't see because of the javascript probe problem).
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    Same problems with me. No surprise. But, I can get on with no problem this way:

    I launch Parallels, IE, log on, then back out of IE and Parallels. After that, I'm surfing with both Safari and Firefox.

    Point of info: I took my wife's Air with me yesterday and tried the Renew DHCP Lease strategy in the network's TCP/IP config. It would not even let me get a new IP address!!

    Maybe one other point that might give someone more knowledgeable than me a clue: when I started taking my Vista machine to Panera, I could not log on there either. Turns out it was an issue with the type of router they used. I went in the registry and edited the line that told the browser how long to wait for the router to return an IP address. Now, no problem. Seems that Panera was puzzled about why people were having more and more problems with their networks. It was because more and more people were bringing in Vista machines.
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    You know you can just turn off Wi-Fi right? No reason to have it on if you live in an area with good 3G coverage. Only use it when you are at home. I wish apple would have a quick key for turning off/on wi-fi, bluetooth, and 3G
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    I have the same problem in the indiana area. I started using their rewards card for that reason(travel) and found that usually I cant get to the login page. I use a powerbook and usually just give up but if I finally get logged in it works real well. It seems that the stores are switching over from t mobile and hopefully when my stores are switched it'll get better. If not I'll not keep their card renewed. I recently spoke with a visitor from Oregon and was very frustrated because he couldnt log on. The stores where he was from didnt have the issues and must have already switched to the att service.