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Some of my songs wont sync to my iPod. I think its all my purchased songs that wont sync. I had to recently redownload itunes. i think i messed it up because i downloaded it using a different email then the email i bought the songs with. When i sync my ipod a box pops up that says i am not authoprized to play them on this computer. PLZ HELP >.<!!!

  • PT Level 7 (20,875 points)
    Double click one of the purchased songs in iTunes to play it and then authorize your computer.

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    i had trouble to this too.

    your ipod may be set on *manually manage music and videos*
    you can drag your music to your ipod file or uncheck this setting
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    i am having the same problem as the original poster, only some of my purchases (the non protected aac files) do sync to my ipod. I can and have played the files that dont sync to my ipod in itunes and authorized my computer, but every time i try to get them onto my ipod it says im not authorized on this computer. Is something wrong with my ipod maybe ? i havent updated its software at all.
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    I agree with the earlier reply. I had rhe same trouble just now. I first 'de-authourized' my laptop and tried playing one of the songs that wasn't getting copied. It asked me to enter my password, and PRONTO - its worked
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    My itunes will not sync. I click on the "sync" button and it does nothing. I even tried all the other sync options, and still nothing.