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I am trying to print with an iMac or a Mac mini (both Intel Core 2 Duo) running Leopard 10.5.4. I got a Hewlett-Packard Photosmart C4380 all-in-one recently and the 802.11g printing is the main attraction. In brief, if I network it through my AirPort Extreme it all works fine. But I don't want to do this as I want to reserve the AEx for 802.11n at 5GHz for video on the home network, and I want to use the wireless capability of the router my ISP gave me, a Thompson Speedtouch 780 (with proprietary firmware from O2), so I run them on one network connected by ethernet. This, or a close variant of it, is the wireless router most commonly deployed in the UK, and it works fine with all my other devices (iPhone, PSP, PS3 etc.). With the HP software (9.7.1) on the 802.11g router the C4380 is seen; I can scan; configure; check ink; the works. But what I cannot do it print - I get the following error (in the printer from Print & Fax preferences) after the job appears to have been sent properly:
"Communication Failure: The computer is no longer able to communicate with your printer. Turn the printer off, check your printer connections and check for printer errors, and turn the printer back on."
Signal strength is reported as 5 out of a possible 5 and I have no interfering devices or neighbours on the same band. However, in the HP Printer Utility app if I go to "Print Test Page" it clearly tries, getting as far as the first row of letters and half way through the second before giving up. That seems particularly weird. Again, it prints fine if I point it to the AirPort Extreme instead. (And for that matter USB.)

I have tried disabling any Firewall in router, as well as UPnP. I have tried both Bonjour and direct wireless (I use direct wireless by default). I have the IP address configured to be static. I found in another post some Terminal commands:
sudo chmod -R 775 /Library/Printers/hp
sudo chown -R root:admin /Library/Printers/hp
This seems not to have worked either.

Lastly, this is what I get in the Console under /var/log cups error_log:
I [06/Jul/2008:19:17:33 +0100] [Job 2] Adding start banner page "none".
I [06/Jul/2008:19:17:33 +0100] [Job 2] Adding job file of type application/pdf.
I [06/Jul/2008:19:17:33 +0100] [Job 2] Adding end banner page "none".
I [06/Jul/2008:19:17:33 +0100] [Job 2] Queued on "HP8CFD23" by "<user>".
I [06/Jul/2008:19:17:33 +0100] [Job 2] Started filter /Library/Printers/hp/cups/Photosmart.driver/Contents/MacOS/Photosmart (PID 751)
I [06/Jul/2008:19:17:33 +0100] [Job 2] Started backend /usr/libexec/cups/backend/hpip (PID 752)
E [06/Jul/2008:19:20:08 +0100] PID 752 (/usr/libexec/cups/backend/hpip) stopped with status 1!
I [06/Jul/2008:19:20:08 +0100] Hint: Try setting the LogLevel to "debug" to find out more.
E [06/Jul/2008:19:20:09 +0100] [Job 2] Communication Failure: The computer is no longer able to communicate with your printer. Turn the printer off, check your printer connections and check for printer errors, and turn the printer back on.

I'm really at a loss. I am asking the same question on O2's board (the ISP) as the point of difficulty seems to be the router, but even then I'm not 100% sure. I see the address of the printer is
I am wondering if the router could be blocking the "hpip://" protocol?

Thanks for any help!

MacBook Core 2 Duo, iMac Core 2 Duo, Mac mini Core 2 Duo, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    Any luck? My wife is having the same exact problem with her brand new Macbook Pro and brand new HP C4380. We were able to print a couple days ago wirelessly, now cannot as we get the same exact error message. Please help!
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    I have not. Anyone - any thoughts?
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    You can test if the router is blocking printing by printing through an 'ad-hoc' (direct) wireless connection between the Mac and the printer.

    Create a computer-to-computer network on your Mac. Run the HP Setup Assistant which is in the Hewlett-Packard folder in Applications under Utilities. Choose the option to configure the device for wireless use and, in the screen where you select a network to join, join the ad-hoc network you just created.

    Try printing over that connection.
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    Thanks for the suggestion but as I said, "In brief, if I network it through my AirPort Extreme it all works fine". So I guess it is my router but pinning down precisely how is the tricky part and I would appreciate suggestions as to things I can try to bypass whatever it is doing to block printing (but not scanning, ink checking etc. which are fine).
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    I have a similar problem. I am able to print test page. But while trying to print from any application, the printer is not reachable. The error message is "network host busy, will retry in 5 secs"
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    The C4380 has a number of serious network problems. A trip to HP's site shows that the existing drivers break (in different ways) with the following OSes:

    OS X 10.3, 10.4, 10.5

    This one <http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c00505920&lc=en&cc=us&lang =en&product=3221646&dlc=en> is my fav.

    Apparently HP's drivers have problems with DHCP. As your problem appears to be similar to the one described above, I'd try the fix they suggest (even though that particular fix is for XP).

    Alternatively, if you can still return the MFD and get a new one, I'd think seriously about getting a MFD that works, from Brother, Canon, or Epson.

    I'm a former, repeat, former, HP MFD user. (Who, me, bitter? Why'd you think that?)
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    I got it. When adding the printer, i was using Internet Printing Protocol (IPP). This didnot work. Today i tried using HP Jetdirect - Socket, gave the ip address of the printer. It worked.
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    I did the same thing and it worked for me. I posted what I did step-by-step to get my c4380 printer working wirelessly as a reply under "Airport express - cant connect hp photosmart c4380 printer wirelessly." Good luck!
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    I'm guessing the 1.1 drivers may have helped some people, too.

    Having worked through this I have not identified the problem, but I have identified a fix (for me): the C4380 and my MacBook need to be on the same wireless network - so Ad Hoc is fine, as is hpsetup, and having both on the same wireless router is also fine. As a reminder I have 802.11g on the router from my ISP, and connected to it by ethernet I have a Time Capsule which is set to do 802.11n at 5GHz, set up properly to use the 802.11g router's DNS and it normally all works fine. I would strongly prefer my MacBook use 802.11n both for video file sharing and so it doesn't bog down when it goes to back up to Time Machine. However this does not allow me to print. Oddly, Console seems to think printing is successful (his is a recent change, per my post above it had reported cryptic errors). The only log files (in the Airport log) I can find which seem remotely on topic are:
    Aug 04 00:02:59 Severity:5 Connection accepted from [fe80::[MAC deleted]8d%bridge0]:49283.
    Aug 04 00:03:03 Severity:5 Connection accepted from [fe80::[MAC deleted]8d%bridge0]:49284.
    Aug 04 00:03:07 Severity:5 Connection accepted from [fe80::[MAC deleted]8d%bridge0]:49285.
    Aug 04 00:03:07 Severity:5 Connection accepted from [fe80::[MAC deleted]8d%bridge0]:49286.
    Google is failing me on this. ("[MAC deleted]" means what it says - I cut that bit off.)

    Does anything come mind as to what is going on, or have suggestions as to AirPort (or other router) settings that may need to be changed?