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It seems a lot of people are having similar problems and ive tried every suggestion that I found, but alas to no avail

Right what happened? Well my ipod had worked perfectly, no problems for 6 months. i synced the ipod to get the latest podcasts and while i was listen to these podcasts (via my ipod), I made my way through iTunes making sure album names/artists/art/etc.. were correct, in the end i changed arouns 300 songs (out of 2500). i plugged the ipod in to update it with these changes.

Thats when it happened, after a few hundred songs i got unknown error -46. Since then i have completed the 5R's (which seems to be apple's answer to everything) countless times, reinstalled iTunes, disk checks and all sorts, I've even sent the ipod for a service and got a 'No service required' reply1!! and it's still not working.

In retrying to sync i have numerous errors: -48, -50, -1303 (possible more), I've got windows errors telling em the ipod is no longer connected

ANy info will be great, this is really driving me around the bend, it wont even work on my dad's iTunes, but his ipod will work on mine

Parkard Bell, EasyNote s4, Windows XP
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    i have the same problem with my brothers ipod i get delayed write fail messages etc have reinstalled ,restored etc and still it wont work and contacting anyone for help via the phone is impossible how about weekend customer service for those of us that work.
    i get the syncing msg also when i open itunes then plug the ipod in it wont detect the ipod until i mess around with windows explorer and then any music i transfer it wont play .
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    The only thing that has worked for me is setting iTunes to run in Windows XP Mode (I'm running Vista) and then syncing. However when I did this, none of my album art transferred. But at least you'll have your music. I changed it back to running in Vista mode and now, as long as I don't have to sync more than a few songs at a time, I can sync normally. However, I recently tried syncing about 150 songs at once in Vista mode, and it crashed on me. So if you need to sync a lot, go back to XP mode. (To do this find the iTunes.exe file, right click, Properties > Compatability > "Run this program in compatability mode for:" Check box. Good luck!
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    God this is getting worst, ive sent it back to apple again, after the guy on the phone told me it had been booked into the wrong service last time, and ive recieved an email that they could not reconstruct the error i recieved, so apparently im wrong theres nothing wrong with my iPod, even though this error has occured on different computers with the same iPod!!!

    It's getting to an offensive point now, when it was working a was begining to think i was wrong about iPods, but nope im right, well at least this one is awful and so is Apple Repair Centre.