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Greetings all.
This one should be easy for most of you way more than I technical types.

I was cloning my drive and came upon an error message that the above could not be found, etc., etc.
My questions are: What is it? How impoortant is it? Can I get along without it. The rest of the cloning went fine, and I have experienced no problems that I am aware of in starting up from my cloned drive.
For the record, since I am the only one here, I don't use a lot of security beyond a master password, if that's what this relates to, but I am curious to learn more about what's in my operating system.

Thanks for any help, and advice.


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    Welcome to Apple Discussions.
    an error message that the above could not be found, etc., etc

    It is difficult to tell what the etc. etc. that could not be found means in your situation.

    Can you tell us what you were cloning, and what utility you were using. Also, at what point the error occurred.

    Good luck

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    This one should be easy...

    That introduction is always a deception!

    As a little short of detail, allow me a presumption.
    If you are using Carbon Copy Cloner this link may help you.
    can't copy .HFS+ Private Directory Data
    There are also links on that page as well.

    Personally I use SuperDuper to clone my 10.3 and have not run into this error. Maybe it finds it and just does not bother mentioning it, as Bombich says, it can be ignored.

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    I'll preface what follows by noting that I always Repair Permissions, Repair Disk, clean out selected caches, empty the Trash, and tidy things up on my desktop before cloning my hard drive, just to make sure everything on it is in the best possible shape when I back it up.

    That said, I switched from CCC to SuperDuper precisely because every time I used it, CCC put up one or more cryptic messages that I never knew whether or not to pay attention to, or what to do about them if I did pay attention. SuperDuper never tells me anything I can't understand.
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    Hi eww,

    I find SuperDuper also works flawlessly; is simple to use and cheap to register.

    Recalling the early days of OS X, at least from 10.2 anyway, it was difficult to adapt existing backup-ware to OS X because of the OS's use of resource forks, which was an additional overlay on the traditional UNIX file system. I kind of think CCC never quite shook off those technical demons. Today its many forums still have a large audience.

    regards roam
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    If I may have a word, I, too started out using CCC and switched to SuperDuper when I began having difficulty with synchronizations. My registered copy of SD does the job, and does it well. However, the latest version of CCC offers a couple features that SD does not. One is being able to drill down and clone a single folder, if one needs to. SuperDuper allows you to clone either the entire volume or the Users Folder only. The second feature is that CCC gives you an option which enables you to either erase and clone, or clone without erasing stuff on the destination disk that is not on the source volume. Granted that this is not a feature one would use all the time, it does prove to be useful under certain conditions.

    In general, the latest version of CCC does offer significant improvements over the earlier version. However, for ease of use and efficiency on the job, SuperDuper is the utility of choice for me.

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    Morning all (from my Minneapolis),
    A wealth of information especially as it relates to SuperDuper which I will definitely check out.
    My question was more to the curiosity of what the "HFS Private Directory Data" was as opposed to anything else. Everything is fine with the coning, there are no problems (or worries roam) and I apologize if I wasn't clear in my initial question. I consider myself a bit of a chimp when it comes to some of this forum protocol, and computer technology. I'm curious about it all, but I'm in technical theater and not able to keep up nearly as much as I'd like (too many other competeing techmologies to keep track of I guess).
    Anyway, if you happen to know what the directory is/does, or could direct me to a reasonable resource, I'd be much obliged.
    Thanks again for all the responses and feedback.

    SML (Chimia a mistrata)
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    Hi SML!

    In This Reference, in the subheading Hard Links, you will find info about "HFS+ Private Data".

    Here is the Top Of That Page

    ali b
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    Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner folks!
    Ali Brown come through with the source I was looking for and many kudos and thanks to you. It took a little digging, but then given my curiosity and the way I phrased the question, this will make a good read for a while to come. An entire new area to explore. Not sure why the error came up to begin, but the fun will be in the learning of HFS.
    Thanks again to all particularly about Super Duper. THIS is why I like to come here with my questions. Lots of insightful help.

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    You're Welcome Steve!

    There is a vast amount of information on that site.
    It should keep you occupied for some time!

    And Thank You, for extending the courtesy, of awarding in  Discussions, as this is not a requirement, nor mandatory, but is much appreciated!

    ali b