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I'm not getting any sound output from downloads and other applications. In checking the MIDI Set Up it shows under Audio Output that the output is not supported. How can I correct this? Am I on the right track here?

MacBook Pro
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    I wish I had an answer for you. (Because I posted something similar and also never received a response. Can tell you the Apple Knowledge base also comes up empty handed for anything at all dealing with Audio Midi Setup. This bit of a Mac seems to be the disowned child nobody wants to acknowledge, but manages to die just after the free care or returnable status is over.)

    My experience with my 2005 Panther was that it suddenly came up with that message after almost exactly three years of use. It was 'fixed' when I got a new usb hub for my iMic, but then it went dead again a couple of weeks later.

    Purchased a new Mac last month. Audio Midi worked great (didn't even need the iMic) for about four weeks. For the last week, however, it suddenly says Audio Output Is Not Supported. I tried reinstalling the iMic, changing the headphone jack outlets, changing the headphone cables. Nothing. Wish this had happened just a bit earlier when I still could have exhanged the machine, but now doubt it would have made much of a difference: Audio Midi seems to be a finicky, lazy beast that they ignore during upgrades.

    I'm going to try searching for any third-party software that might bypass Audio Midi Setup in the first place. This would at least tell me if it is a software or hardware issue.

    Sorry to sound so pessimistic, but after spending over a thousand dollars, it's discouraging to run into the same problem I thought I'd left behind me.

    If you find an answer at your end, please post it.
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    Possible fixed (this worked for me on my Mac Mini):

    First, go into Audio Midi Setup (Audio section) and click on the "Properties For:" selector. If it's suddenly working, you should get the options of "Built-In Input" and "Built-In Output". Select "Built-In Output and try it again just to be sure.

    Still not working?

    Find a store that sells iMic by Griffin Technologies. It's should be less than $25. If you can find it at a computer store that accepts returns within a reasonable time so much the better in case this doesn't work.

    Plug the USB part of the iMic into your computer and some speakers' "headphones" jack into the Speaker part of the iMic.

    Now in Audio Midi Setup all the selectors should give you the option of choosing "iMic USB Audio System" as well as the first two.

    It's a pain to have to buy the iMic AND have some portable speaker to get output sound, but this is working for me.
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    I'm VERY new to Mac's having been a PC/Windows girl for years... It's a new Mac Pro with Leopard. The sound worked fine (inbuilt) but now, all of a sudden, with no warning and no changes (by me), nothing. There's the one note when the system powers up but apart from that, nada! The midi settings say no Audio Output Supported, and all the options are set to Digital Installed In/Out. I have tried all variations on the dropdowns, installed all updates, restarted a gazillion times and still no luck. I can't add my own speakers either, they're silent also. Any ideas? I bought this Mac as an Editing system for my movies, but its not a lot of good with no sound! Wish I'd stuck with PCs now...
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    Hi, I have just attached a Lavry DA10 DAC to the audio out port on my MacBook Pro. The DA10 picks up sound from the MBP but Audio Midi Setup says the device is not supported and no options are shown other than Default and System Output, hence I cannot change the sample rate of the audio output from anything other than 44.1. This is a blow as I work in 24 bit 96 KHz. How do I get round this?


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    An update - On playing back 96KHz files in Logic Pro after listening to a CD in iTunes the Lavry DA10 responded to the rate change switching immediately from 44.1 to 96KHz. There is no need to open Audio Midi Setup to make the rate change manually, which you can't do anyway because the option is greyed out. Perhaps it is greyed out because the MBP recognises that the DA10 will make the rate change automatically. I guess it could be helpful if the Audio Midi panel gave a more useful message under such circumstances, such as, 'audio parameters controlled by external device'.