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I have lived too long in the Windows world. But, without even thinking about it, I use ctrl C for copying and ctrl V for pasting. The keys are just the right distance apart to make this easy. On my Intel MacBook, I have to use the Apple key and either C or V to copy and paste. For me, those keys are too close together to make this fast and comfortable.

Also when I boot to Windows, I have to use one key combination and when I boot to Mac, I have to use a different combination.

Is there a way to re-map the keys for copy/pasting when running Leopard?


Mac OS X (10.5.3)
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    go to system preferences->keyboard&mouse->keyboard and click on the "modifier keys" button. remap the modifier keys to your liking.
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    There should be a way to do it through Terminal, but I don't know enough about it to do it. You get used to Apple-C and Apple-V after a while though. Give it a chance. Today I was using a Windows box and tried to copy/paste using Alt-C and Alt-V because that's where the Apple key is on my Macbook XD
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    i'm sorry to tell you but i don't think so... those are "system reserved" shorcuts... all the shorcuts that you can customize are on System Preferences / Keyboard and Mouse / Keyboard Shorcuts.

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    Has anyone figured this out? Modifying the keys through Keyboard Shorcuts in System Preferences appears to work but doesn't. It will modify the Firefox keys when you view the Edit pull-down menu while in Firefox. When you hit Ctrl-C, it seems to execute the shortcut but doesn't work. I have also tried the keyconfig extension for Firefox and that doesn't work either. I have Firefox 3.0.3 with a Microsoft Keyboard. I would love to figure this out since I work on a PC 8+ hours/day while at work.
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    Setting an application shortcut for All Applications to Ctrl-C (and Paste to Ctrl-V) worked for me when copying text in Safari, and it worked both copying and pasting in Text Edit, but the copy did not work in Firefox. (Though right-click and choosing copy from the pop-up menu did work, and it also worked with with standard Apple-C when I removed the application shortcut.) Perhaps it's an issue with Firefox?

    It does work in Safari.