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Hi. I have a 1st Generation iPod nano that I use only for running. I got it two years ago, but I had stopped running for a while and just started running again about two months ago. So although it is a pretty old iPod, it really hasn't been used that much until recently. I take very good care of it, and I have not dropped in water or washed it or anything stupid like that.

I was about to run today, and my iPod would not turn on. I tried to reset it several times and nothing happened. I thought maybe the battery was just dead so I connected it to the power in my car. Still nothing happened. When I got home, I hooked it up to my computer, but my computer does not even recognize that anything is plugged in. I have run out of ideas and it seems like nothing at all works.

Does anyone have any advice? I wanted to contact Apple, but my warranty has obviously run out. Normally, I would take it to the Apple Store, but I am home for the summer and there isn't an Apple Store close to here. There has got to be something I can do...I have always bragged about how great Apple treats there customers, but if my iPod just broke for no reason and they won't do anything about it then I'm gonna have to change my opinion about this company.

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