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I plugged my ipod in to charge it as i have done before. It does not seem to be charging it has been plugged in for three days and the orange light just keeps blinking. I am clueless on ipods and what to do. All I know is that you are not meant to disconnect it when the light is blinking....what should I do?

gateway, Windows XP
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    The status light will blink orange as long as your iPod is mounted as a volume on your computer.

    Open iTunes and 'eject' the iPod from there. The status light will then stop blinking and turn to either steady orange or steady green.

    If you don't use your iPod for data storage, you can set up iTunes to eject it automatically by deselecting the option "Enable disk use" in the iPod settings. However, this will only work when iTunes is running, so make sure that the option "Open iTunes when this iPod is connected" is selected.