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I not quite sure how to explain this, but I will try.
On my iPod, I have one album, and when I go to music then albums it will show the same album multiple times. So, I have one copy of all the songs for one album, all the information is corresponding, but on my iPod that album will show up like 5 times, with all the same songs. Or sometimes, 3 times, with the same songs in 2 of them, then the rest of the songs in the other album.
It's not really a big deal, but it's bothering me.

PC, Windows XP
  • Jeff Bryan Level 9 (61,790 points)
    A spelling or punctuation mistake, or sometimes a trailing space usually causes this after the artists and/or song name, which fools the iPod into thinking that there are two different artists or songs. The trailing space is the hardest to spot.

    Best way to cure this is to go into iTunes, highlight that artist and/or songs, right click on them and select "get info".

    This brings up the multiple song info window. If you see the "artist" field is left blank, then there is a discrepancy with that name.

    So to correct this, in the artist or song box retype the name, as you would like it, and then click ok. You should do this even if no mistakes are immediately visible.

    Re sync this new artist/song info to your iPod.

    If the above is not the issue, try this also. Highlight all the songs for that artist, right click on them and select "apply sort field/same artist".

    See if that works.
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    Thanks for that. On my ipod I had one album, The Eagles, Long Road out of Eden show up 3 times, but in iTunes is just showed up one. So I went through the songs clicking on the next button and two album names where spelt wrongly, for example: Long Road out Of Eden instead of Long Road out of Eden. Now changed and all is fine now. So thanks.