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  • Kemar Level 1 Level 1
    A possible way to help find corrupted tags:

    cd ~/Music/iTunes/

    egrep -rHiI --color "‰|ƒ|·|¡|‚|¬|Â|≈|‡|Ê|È|…|Í|Ë|Ô|Ì|ˆ|÷|Û|Ù|¯|ÿ|¸¸|‹|˙|Á|Ò|fl|°|∞|Æ" "iTunes Music Library.xml" > ~/Desktop/bad_id3.txt

    Good luck. This bug is hardcore !
  • Didjo Level 1 Level 1
    A mounth, indeed.......

    Should everyone recommends to update the tag version to 2.4 (and too bad for the cover arts) ? Or to wait a new update ? (is Apple really in the know ?)
  • Appela Level 1 Level 1
    My library is huge, so personally I will wait. In the meantime I stopped using iTunes to listen to music, I just transfer my music to my iPod/iPhone and listen to it from there.
  • Appela Level 1 Level 1
    Kemar wrote:

    cd ~/Music/iTunes/

    egrep -rHiI --color "‰|ƒ|·|¡|‚|¬|Â|≈|‡|Ê|È|…|Í|Ë|Ô|Ì|ˆ|÷|Û|Ù|¯|ÿ|¸¸|‹|˙|Á|Ò|fl|°|∞|Æ" "iTunes Music Library.xml" > ~/Desktop/bad_id3.txt

    An explanation for us non Unix laymen would be nice.
  • marcycaster Level 1 Level 1
    My library is quite big but the conversion had been almost painless, although long. As I said, only 8 of 200 cover arts were lost during the process. If you have full a backup of your library, I suggest to do the ID3 tag conversion without any fear: let it start and go outside for a walk, at the end you can go back using iTunes as always.
  • Kemar Level 1 Level 1
    Appela wrote:
    An explanation for us non Unix laymen would be nice.

    If you have corrupted ID3 tags and want to find which files may be corrupted, open and go to the iTunes directory :

    cd ~/Music/iTunes/

    Then, based on the list try to find problematic characters in "iTunes Music Library.xml" and write them in a file called bad_id3.txt in the Finder :

    egrep -i "‰|ƒ|·|¡|‚|¬|Â|≈|‡|Ê|È|…|Í|Ë|Ô|Ì|ˆ|÷|Û|Ù|¯|ÿ|¸¸|‹|˙|Á|Ò|fl|°|∞|Æ" "iTunes Music Library.xml" > ~/Desktop/bad_id3.txt

    This file will help you to identify possible corrupted data.
  • Mrs H Level 2 Level 2
    I only saw one reference to Lossless in this discussion and another poster said "... only mp3 tags are renamed. AAC tags are fine, whether from the ITS or ripped by iTunes. But once fixed back they are fine afterwards."

    Are people having trouble with this re-tagging with Lossless as well?

    I have ripped all my CDs in Lossless. When I select a song and look at how to change the ID3 tag (in case I need to), I am not offered that option.

    Strangely the only option I am offered is "Convert to Apple Lossless" and since it already IS lossless, I am troubled. (I am new to iPod and new to iTunes and 7.7 is the only version I have ever used)

    Mrs H

    Message was edited by: Mrs H - I needed to clarify that all my ripping was done in Lossless
  • cul cul la praline Level 1 Level 1
    You can probably take a lossless file and convert it to a new lossless file.

    You can do the same thing with mp3. There may be times when you'd want to do so. For example, if you have 256kpbs mp3s, you could "shrink" them to 192, 160, 128 or 96 to fit more songs on an iPod (with reduced quality).

    Or, as is the case with some mp3s affected by the iTunes 7.7 bug (those which no longer "hold" a picture file), it seems that you need to select and re"Import" the file at the same bitrate (or less) so that iTunes does not treat the file as an undocumented alien file ("Encoded with: Unknown" in the last line of the first panel when you control-I). You'll still have to upgrade the tags separately for some reason. Then throw out the old mp3, checking first to see what playlists you might have had it in.
  • iTunes Mike Level 3 Level 3
    This bug is fixed in iTunes 7.7.1 which is available now.

    The bug only affected non Unicode ID3 tags (which are used in some MP3 files) on Mac OS older than 10.5.

    AAC and Lossless always use Unicode so this didn't affect them.
  • blakeables Level 1 Level 1
    Thank you for letting us know.
  • Mrs H Level 2 Level 2
    That's great information for me since I use lossless.

    More importantly, for everyone who has been complaining about this problem, I suspect it's a huge relief that the bug's been fixed.

    Wonder if the eject bug is solved too...

    Mrs H
  • marcycaster Level 1 Level 1
    Great, we were all waiting for this fix! Now iTunes is again the best app for your music.
  • Knersus the Pteranodon Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks Kemar

    I'm Terminal-phobic, but tried it anyway. Wow - took a split second. Short list, because obviously you couldn't include what might double as legitimate characters.
  • AbuMaizar Level 1 Level 1
    I'm afraid that this did not solve my problem yet, maybe mine is different.
    I cant view the arabic letters on iTunes, but i can normally in finder. I'm using the lastest version now from iTunes but it didnt solve my problem.

    hope somebody out there can help!
  • Jules Gray Level 1 Level 1
    I have just discovered that I have the same problem, however instead of changing the spelling, it has lost the files altogether. I cannot find them in the Music folder, and it only effects songs with different characters (ie. Sigur Ros, Jose Gonzalez, etc.).

    I have no idea where the files have gone. It is really annoying, as I have loads of music which is like this, which now seems to have disappeared (they ar estill listed in iTunes, but it cannot locate the file when I try to play).

    Please could you advise how I can resolve this issue?



    Message was edited by: Jules Gray
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