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  • Marcus Ray Level 1 Level 1
    There are definitely varying degrees of this. I bought two 3g's yesterday. My wife's white phone looks great, more yellow than my itouch but the itouch looks blue biased. Mine is more yellow than hers. They definitely don't look the same. Apple needs to supply a gamma or temperature control. Looking at pictures though I have a hard time deciding which looks best.
  • DarkLionOne Level 1 Level 1
    One post suggested to restore iPhone (make a back up and then restore to factory settings) when you restore to your back up after factory restore a new 2.0 build (5A347) helps it cool the yellow. I compaired it with a 3G that did not have the 347 build but the original 345 build. MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP YOUR INFO BEFORE YOU RESTORE TO FACTORY!
  • inthecards Level 1 Level 1
    I bought 2 16g yesterday and the screens are very clear with no yellow or blue tint. Gues I was one of the lucky ones....
  • jason.stone Level 1 Level 1
    Apple has owned up to this problem as reported by Appleinsider. Of course after denying there was any difference at first, they are saying the yellow tint is deliberate. Wouldn't want to recall millions !

    While many new iPhone 3G owners have griped that the device's occasionally yellowish hue is evidence of a defect, Apple has now gone on record to say that the tint is a deliberate choice to improve overall usability.

    The company's Senior Director of Product Marketing, Bob Borchers, tells Engadget that the shift from the blue-biased LCD of the original iPhone isn't an accident and produces more accurate colors most of the time, registers deeper blacks, and makes the resulting image appear crisper.

    The original screen was too cold and slightly murkier, Borchers adds. In AppleInsider's experience, the new panel should also help improve visibility outdoors, where contrast and overall brightness are both important factors.

    This notably doesn't affect color shifts at wide viewing angles, which are a symptom of certain LCD panel types that show either blue or yellow depending on the point of view.
  • Marcus Ray Level 1 Level 1
    See my pictures here.

    Two iphone 3Gs, very different color bias. Mine turns green off angle. That is what is bugging me. Both phones already have had the restore done.

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  • The Raz Level 1 Level 1
    Just restored to build 5A347. Yellow hue gone. Comparisons to my first gen iPhone: 3G now has neutral hue, 1st gen looks blue (this done at all brightness settings and with auto-bright control on); 3G color scheme is more vibrant with blacks more solid and other colors more crisp than my first gen; hope this works as well for everyone else
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    Well I dont mean to contradcit mostly everyone here but I have noticed something which is very interesting about the yellow tinted iphones. When I went to the apple store, there were about 9 iphone 3g's on display. Out of the 9 iphones about 2 only had the yellow tint, 2 others were less yellow and the others were pretty nice and clear, neither too blue nor yellow. I got my iphone 3g and it was yellow so i exchanged it for another one, which was again yellow tinted. My question is, if the iphones were intended to have yellow tinted screens, or warmer lke many people here prefer to call it, why are there only a few very yellow tinted, another few a bit less yellow and the great amount just perfect? So back to my point. If its ment to be warmer, why arent ALL OF THEM WARMER like the iphone i have and like man others have gotten? Some people are calling it the iphone 3g lottery. This is ridiculous, people pay for something but get different quality products. I want to get what I paid for and thats a better phone, which i have except for the screen.
  • Marcus Ray Level 1 Level 1
    I totally agree. If you follow my link above you can see how different my 3G is to my wife's. If they are going to have pretty massive variance, give me a way to adjust it just like my LCD TV and macbook.

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  • jworld127 Level 1 Level 1
    I stood in line for 4 hours today got my 16g Iphone 3 g and was really happy untill i noticed the screen was yellowish...i compared it to my first gen iphone and the difference is night and day. I really hope they come up with a fix for this or somekind of exchange....i am not happy
  • jason.stone Level 1 Level 1
    I totally agree. IF they are saying it was done on purpose then why aren't ALL of them yellow tinted. hope they fix this fast !
  • njdanny84 Level 1 Level 1
    HEy whats up guys, well today I went back to the apple store for another exchange. Unfortunately they did not want to exhcnage the phone a second time, even when I showed them the yellow screen and explained to them that it was so obvious compared tot he ones they had on display. The manager at this store, APPLE STORE IN GARDEN STATE PLAZA NJ, was extremely rude to me and did not let me explain. They even calld security because i was trying to call apple care. This is so ridiculous, how can these people call themselves managers. I dont understand why they treat customers this way. Apple Computer needs to take care of this.
  • Dogstar08 Level 1 Level 1
    Come on Apple, saying that this is a new calibration to help the user is ridiculous, I use my iPhone to show clients PDFs etc and I'm sorry the background is lime yellow!!! not to mention the movies that look like a freekish sepia tone from the 1920's...

    Sort it out or most of us will be wanting our money back!!!
  • joey00760 Level 1 Level 1
    I for one am a little upset too

    I must be the only one without this issue, true story

    My partner and I both bought the white 16 gig iphones on launch date

    I didn't notice the difference until I held them side by side and sure enough

    his has a yellow tint and mine does not mine is bright and clear , crystal clear

    his colors on his phone are more intense I like the color of his but am torn to

    thinking if apple really wanted this my phone may be a defect.

    Am I the only one without this issue?
  • jason.stone Level 1 Level 1
    Is this issue fixed with that new firmware or it doesn't do anything ?
    I know Apple is working on a update... any ideas when it might be out. It better fix this and the bunch of the other problems they knew about. If they knew these probs existed..why come up with excuses like oh it was deliberate etc etc.

    Apple testing first bug fix update to iPhone Software v2.0


    Apple is already testing the first maintenance and security updates for version 2.0 of its iPhone Software that aim to improve performance and fix a number of outstanding bugs.

    The updates, which revealed themselves as iPhone Software 2.0.1 in the Apache server logs at BGR, are currently making the rounds in the form of two distinct builds: build 5B101 for first-generation iPhones and build 5B103 for the new 3G iPhones.

    Although Apple began testing the updates prior to the official release of iPhone Software v2.0 on Friday, neither have made their way into the hands of iPhone developers.

    Instead, Apache server logs reveal, and AppleInsider can confirm, that requests from phones running the new builds are coming primary from the San Francisco Bay Area (near Apple's Cupertino headquarters) and Atlanta (AT&T's home base).

    Since testing has remained internal, it's unclear exactly what areas of the software the updates will target. Some users, however, report that iPhone Software 2.0 effectively crippled the camera applications on both their original iPhone and new iPhone 3G.

    After updating, these users report that it takes a full six seconds between the time the camera application launches and when the digital shutter opens to allow a photo to be taken. This has made the iPhone's camera somewhat useless, those users explain, especially for the spontaneous photos for which it has become most popular.

    Separately, a number of other users are reporting a variety of problems with the accelerometer on their new iPhone 3Gs. These include jerky responses, unintentional landscape shifts, or no response at all after the handset sleeps.

    One user on the Apple Discussion Forums explains that the misbehavior of his accelerometer is also having an adverse affect on his photos.

    "[T]he camera app thinks I'm holding the phone upside down, so the photos are stored upside down!," he wrote. "A reset always fixes the problem. If I set "Auto-Lock" to never and don't press the sleep/wake button then the accelerometer works perfectly. Of course this isn't exactly practical."
  • Andre at Inkpark Level 1 Level 1
    Comparing my iPhone 3G to your pictures, i must say my 3G looks exact like the left one (the old iPhone). And i also didn´t noticed a difference to my old iPhone.