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We are ramping up for the Iphone and Exchange Active Sync. Since this is Exchange based I am wondering how browsing will me monitored and controlled. Would one simply point the phone to an internal DNS server? It is also implied that profiles can be setup on the phone. So could certain abilities be locked down to prevent users from changing DNS and so on? I aprechiate your suggestions.

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    I moved this to the enterprise section
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    I find this interesting.

    Why does the iphone ask for the exchange server information when it should be asking for active sync server? Does the active sync server runs on exchange server some times? In small set ups? I found that the active sync server for my corp is different from the exchange server.
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    I'm having problems getting this to sync to our Exchange server as well.
    I'm in a small business and haven't installed Active Sync Server. I assumed it was part of Exchange.
    Does anyone know of documentation for setting up Active Sync Server?
    Can the iPhone just sync with the Exchange server? Are the separate products?
    All I want is the calendar on my iPhone. I don't care about pushing, just getting the calendar on my iPhone.