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tabiyeh Level 1 Level 1
is this simply because of the madness?

Windows XP
Reply by Benguitar on Jul 11, 2008 11:26 AM Helpful
I guess so, I got unknown error -5 and -4.

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  • Benguitar Level 2 Level 2
    I guess so, I got unknown error -5 and -4.
  • tabiyeh Level 1 Level 1
    well atleast im not alone. i just want to have my phone for later. its a pain not having it while im bored at work.
  • John Sterlin Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem here with original IPhone. Endless loop of Restore, Download, Error 20, Restore, Download, Error 20...

    Wish I would have known before I hit the Update button. Now I have no phone and my business is going to suffer greatly.

    Apple, if you are listening, take it down and fix it so everyone is not in this situation.
  • Mikeydude Level 1 Level 1
    So are you guys saying there is no way of fixing this yet?

    I got an error (5) message while i was trying to restore my Iphone. I downloaded that 250MB file for it - "iPhone1,12.0.2_5C1Restore.ipsw".

    I'm a total novice at this whole tech thing. My iphone is still showing that "connect to itunes" picture.
  • Lisa Hightower Level 1 Level 1
    I am having the same problem. I have tried many, many times to do the restore, and keep getting error messages that it could not complete restore. I don't know what else to do. I have searched apple's web site. The restore age says "If you are still unable to restore the iPhone using this method, check Apple support for further troubleshooting and/or service options." But I can't find any others. This is my only cell phone, so I am unreachable right now. How do we get help? Thanks!
  • alteric Level 1 Level 1
    All versions of the 2.0 upgrade from apple are total clusterbombs. Both of my phones have been totally jacked since attempting this upgrade, and many of the issues that occur once u are finally able to upgrade still exist after 2.1 update (see my other posts).

    I had the same prob as u guys only in my case, it actually bricked a 6 month old $2000 dell notebook in the process and partially bricked my old dell desktop still running XP PRO (not to mention both of our iPhones). The only way I got around the prblem after literally days of research and calls to apple tech support was to try to sync a third time on a third computer - my work pc - and pray to Steve jobs that I didn't get caught, fired, or brick that machine as well. Dumb luck prevailed though I guess bcuz it worked just fine and I was no longer dead in the water with no phone at all.

    -but of course by syncing with that computer, all of my contacts, data, music and photos were all lost thanks to apples policy of forcing sync whether u really want to or not.

    So the moral of the story is, the only solution that I could find on apples website was to basically just keep installing their invasive software on other people's computers until eventually u come across one that gets lucky and actually works. Still can't believe that they literally suggest people do that on their website as a feasible solution to their software coding deficiencies, but hey I guess that's what we bottom feeders get for trying to use a 'superior software app designed for a superior operating platform' ie a freaking MAC on a far more inferior platform that they like to call WINDOWS!!!