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My laptop wont recognize my iphone, so I can't use itunes to fix it for me since it won't recognize my phone.

So i need to install the driver into iphone somehow else. I would be ok to reformat, but obviously can't via itunes.

This is all after trying to upgrade to 2.0 obviously.

HP, Windows Vista, na
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    Apple has release a new version of iTunes 8, in responce the issues with Vista.

    1.Unistall iTunes via StartMenu\Control Panel\Programs and Features
    2.Delete all previous iTunes installers.
    3.Download iTunes 8 from the Apple website.
    4.Makes sure you close Outlook and Explorer and all non-essential programs, as it seems to prevent the install at certain points.
    5.Install iTunes 8.
    6.After the Install is complete, Open iTunes 8 before attaching your iPhone.
    7.Unlock your iPhone if it is lock with a pass code.
    8.Attach your iPhone, after a few seconds you should see that it has installed a driver for your iphone, then the iPhone will appear in iTunes.

    I hope this helps, as I did spend some time with this issue myself.