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I got my new 3G iPhone today.
Everything works perfectly except that I am unable to connect to my home WiFi network.

In my network I have the main router, then a wireless hub (access point). Theres a wired connection going to a PC from the hub as well as wireless to a laptop. Both of these have no trouble connecting to the internet.

The router is a 4 port Belkin.
The hub is a BT Voyager 1500 Wireless.

On the iPhone in Settings > WiFi I am seeing two networks. One of which is called BTHUB (this one is about a foot away from my desk) and another called BTHomeHub-C193 which must be in someone elses house nearby.

By clicking on the little blue icon of either of these the ID ADDRESS, SUBNET MASK, ROUTER, DNS, SEARCH DOMAINS and CLIENT ID fields are all empty.

When I try to connect to to either of these it asks me for a password. From BTHUB (my network) I type in my wep key (exactly the same one as I use with laptop) and I get the message "Unable to join the network "BTHUB".

I have reset the network connections from the about section of the settings. I have also disconnected, restarted and re-setup my router and the BT Hub many times and I get the same result.

If anyone has any advice on what I could try let me know.
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