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    Can u return. The iPhone back to a ATT store or do i have to go to apple.And also how long does this iphone have warranty is it one year .. I have 3 or 4 stuck pixels cause they go away and come back.. Cause last year i had bad times exchanging my iphone I had dead pixels and bubbles under screen and evertime i would trade one in it would be as bad or worse..SO at the end i stayed with one that had only 1 stuck pixel.
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    NickZip wrote:
    Last night I was going to bed and as I was putting my iPhone to Airplane mode (to reserve bat) I noticed that some light was coming out of the left side of the screen....I dont know how to explain it exactly but it was as if the left corner wasn't sealed at all or maybe it was but not enough.

    Look closely on your iPhone in a complete dark and turn up the brightness all the way and see if either side of the screen(where the screen and the bevel meets) looks like it isnt sealed properly. The right one on mine is completely dark I can see light showing through but the left was was bright. You can't see it when its not completely dark but I'm concerned for dust and such to get in.

    I have this too! It's right next to the volume rocker there's a tiny gap in between the rubber and the metal casing, I'm worried dust will get in it. Anyone else have this problem? The light shines through and really bothers me.
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    So i got a replacement due to the dead pixel with no questions ask. But now I noticed that the left side's edge where the seal is for the glass is letting light through. I dont want dust or anything getting in there so its back to the apple store for another replacement. I hate that you have to make an appointment for just to make a return.
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    I have this same exact problem. It's nice to hear i'm not the only one with the problem. I can push the metal rim on the left part of the screen and it seems to close and become flush along with the phone, i guess the left part of the screen is not attached to the phone. Taking it to the apple store sometime this week to get it replaced along with the dead pixels i have.
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    Glad to hear everyone having good luck with swapping out iPhones with dead pixels. I have an appointment at 9am at the Genius Bar tomorrow to swap mine out. From reading this thread, not taking no for an answer. Hopefully they don't give me any hassle. Sounds like it won't be an issue.
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    Reading all these posts where iphones were replaced due to burnt pixels makes me feel like I got ripped off. I bought the iphone 3g the day after it came out and like many others waited endlessly for it. That night, I noticed a burnt pixel in the top right of the phone. I called the Apple store the next day and they told me they will take care of it but I had to get to the store as soon as possible because they were running out. I show up to the store 30 minutes after making the call (I'm lucky enough to live only 5 minutes away) and was asked if I had an appointment. The guy over the phone told me to just come in because there were no recent spots to fit me in. I showed them my phone which was handed off to a "Specialist". The phone was immediately handed back to me and I was told that this was not covered in the warranty. This is frustating to say the least, every time the screen goes dark I noticed a bright red pixel glaring at me. Hopefully everyone else gets theirs replaced with no problems.
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    Just wanted to chime in and make note of this comment. The iPhone 3G screen intentionally has a different color balance. The previous iPhone had a very cold colored screen which led to very blue images and caused images from the camera to display improperly. The iPhone 3G has ben re-balanced to display at a warmer tonality to create richer tones and better contrast. Side by side it looks weird, but on its own it actually is much better.
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    I feel your pain on driving, you must drive to the woodlands, im in bryan, and thats quite a drive,and the closest one! i drove it when i had to have my 1st gen replaced! they should really considering putting one in bryan/college station!
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    Lame. Just got my replacement today and used the flashlight app. Have another dead pixel on the new one. It's right up near the Blue Tooth Logo, so it's not really in the way unless you are watching a You tube video or something.

    sigh Not sure if I should just live with it or try yet again for another one.
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    Yu can go to a MAC store if you bought it at AT and T and I suggest this route at this point. They are likely to have replacements when AT&T will not for some time. Mine had 2 dead pixels and they replaced it. The replacement has one dead pixel (they are so hard to se in a bright store). Suggest turning brightness all the way up to test. This one is going back and getting replaced too till I have one that doesn't have an issue.
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    A lot of people are complaining about the screen not being positioned properly.

    Is this a manufacturing defect or a design fault?
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    Hey Everyone

    Just to let you know that i took my white 16gig back yesterday because of the light coming through on the left hand side, and the guy at the genius bar noticed it straight away, and pretty lifted the screen off with his finger nail, they replaced the phone no problems, and the new phone is much better. So if you have this problem take it back as it is not right!
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    hey everyone.

    i took my 8gb back to att store and exchanged for a white 16gb (after doing a direct fulfill order). i posted earlier about having a dead pixel or what seemed to be dirt under the glass. well wouldn't you know it, my newer 16gb has 2 specks of dirt under the glass also. bummer.

    an easy way to spot the dust is to turn off the display and hold the phone at a 45 degree angle to your eye, so you are able to see the dust smudges, etc, on the glass. clean the screen with the cloth apple provided (which actually works very well) and keep looking where the dirt or "dead" pixel was originally spotted, you can actually see the specks of dust under the glass that won't wipe away (obviously). plain as day.

    anyway, i'm taking it to the apple store tomorrow to hopefully get a replacement. dust under the glass is flat out wrong, especially when the phone is only 2 days old.
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    My replacement had 4 dead pixels. The best way to check is turn the brightness all the way up and turn the phone on and off several times. Then manipulate the screen from several angles. It has to be pretty dark, so I am bringing a coat with me or insist I can use a dark room to test. I bet a lot of phones have this and not many people notice. Conversely if you turn the brightness way down, the problem almost disappears. Then you have a dark screen which is no good. My 2 cents. Wow I will have a lot to look for in the next replacement. Here's hoping the 3rd times a charm.
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    I believe I was one of the first to complain about these "specks" because I searched for other's and could not find anyone else, but anyway the notion that people are on their 2nd or 3rd iphone 3g replacment makes me wonder, because I was told that, they do not keep spares around in Apple store for these purposes, but that was in Pasadena, so maybe in smaller towns it's different. Anyway am keeping my lil speck I cant seee it unless the screen is white or am looking at a bright image and in real time use, it usually get mixed up with other debris from the outside. Perhaps they'll produce better screens next time around.