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Alias_Neo Level 1 (70 points)
Im pretty sure my ethernet port is fried...
lightning must have hit the tower i have, and traveled through the cord, and it wasn't grounded, so it dosnt work anymore, nothing els is broken, just the ethernet port, anyone know if its posable to replace/fix, and the cost?

iMac G5 intel, Mac OS X (10.5.4), 17" Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.16 GHz, 3 GB 667 MHz DD2 SDRAM
  • George Peters Level 4 (3,165 points)
    The Ethernet port is soldered directly to the logic board so it will have to be serviced by Apple and if this is the case AFAIK the logic board will need to be replaced. I assume you've tried resetting the SMC and P-RAM?

  • dwb Level 7 (22,625 points)
    The Ethernet port is soldered right to the logic board and because of this it is VERY rare (though not unheard of) for an Ethernet port to be fried without doing other damage to the computer. Try resetting the power manager of the computer and swapping Ethernet cables. BTW - if anything did get fried, (but the computer is okay) it is more likely that the problem is upstream from the computer.
  • Alias_Neo Level 1 (70 points)
    how do you reset those things?

    and everything els seems to work fine, no problems since the ethernet port stopped working...
  • George Peters Level 4 (3,165 points)
    SMC: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1543?viewlocale=en_US
    PRAM: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1379?viewlocale=en_US

    What makes you believe it is fried rather than being a modem/router/cable issue?
    I would do like Dwb suggest and try changing the Ethernet cable. When you go into System Preferences/Network what color is the dot next to the Network connection? Also go to About this Mac/More Info click on Network and see if it lists the Ethernet as being an active service.

  • Alias_Neo Level 1 (70 points)
    i am 99% shure its fried, when the cord is plugged in, says cable unpluged, i tried same cable on other computer and it worked, then i tried to connect both computers using the ethernet cable...nothing, so im shure its fried.
  • George Peters Level 4 (3,165 points)
    Ok however that still does not 100% guaranty it's not the cable. I would still try a new cable. Try this, go to System Preferences/Network, Select Built-In Ethernet, click on the Advanced button, go to the Ethernet tab and change the Configuration from Automatically to Manual. Then change the Speed from 1000BaseT to 100BaseTX and see if you can get a connection.

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    You may say it's rare for the Ethernet port to be fried without wrecking the motherboard, but I disagree. This happened to be after a recent thunderstorm. My router and DSL modem work fine when connected to my laptop, and wireless works fine on both the lappy and my iMac. I've eliminated all other possibilities so a fried EN port on the iMac is all that's left. I'm going to try to use the Belkin USB Ethernet Adapter next once I can find an OS X driver for it.