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People, Could someone shed a little light here?

I, along with many of you had to suffer the frustration and upset at how yesterday was handled. I finally got sorted out latelast night and have been enjoying the App store ever since. Everything is fine with my phone and have synced a number of times since 2.0.

But, why does my iphone think I am in California, right now (12:06 GMT) my phone is reading 04:06 Sat 12th. I am not in California, I am just outside London, and it is not some dark hour in the middle of the night, there is much light outside...

I do however have the time in time setting for London, this is, of course correct, but when I sync with itunes the time does not update? Is Apple trying to control time now? Anyone with an idea of what to do short of trying a full restore?

Cheers Liam

MacBook Santa Rosa, Mac OS X (10.4.6)