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ohkay, so as a lot of you, i have been updated my gen 1 iphone to v2.0. SO, just a quick question. it has been in the "preparing iphone for restore" for about, oh, an hour and a half-ish. what exactly does that mean? what is the phone doing as it is being prepared for restore?

fuuurthermore, i have an 8GB iphone with only about 1.22GB free... so is it normal that it is taking so long? i shouldnt unplug and replug, right???

let me know

17" MBP, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    It means it is about to make you go back to the store and buy another one!

    Just kidding. The 2.0 update is VERY, VERY, VERY slow. That still seems a little long but I lost track of time yesterday running the update. It took me about 7 or 8 hours to get things worked out and only really got a good sync at about 3am this morning. I'll blame the servers on that one.

    If it has a button for "stop" I would use that and try again.

    By the way I have 612MB free space on my iPhone if that makes a difference.
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    ugh why is this so annoying, seriously, you would think that apple would make this a little easier. i remember when i updated to 1.1.4 and it took a long long time, but nothing like this.
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    I'm in a restore loop - constant failure to restore and continual need to reinstall and update. i assume its an Apple bug that they have yet to post a response to.
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    mine has been in restore mode since 2am last night and still nothing but the box saying "preparing iphone for restore" with the green loading boxes flying across....should i just keep waiting???
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    I got the same thing basically... 3g iphone, updated to software version 2.0.1 It returned an unknown error (6) and dropped my iPhone from iTunes. I got the "plug into iTunes" message on the phone and I started restore. Upon restore it hung up on "preparing iPhone for restore" for an hour, no movement of the progress bar, I disconnected it and plugged it in again, This happened 2 more times after a computer and iPhone reboot.

    I read that it doesn't work well on usb 1.1, so I switched to a usb 2.0 port and it appears to be working, restore is almost complete. So, really, check your usb, make sure there is no hub connected and plug DIRECTLY into a usb 2.0 port... hopefully that helps!

    If I have the option not to restore to 2.0.1 I will likely take that option... I've spent hours on this now and my intention for syncing was to update a playlist... Although I couldn't play music through my RAZR, I never spent hours (and lost the use of my phone on a Friday night) trying to make it work again... good luck to you.
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    I also have been recieving an unknown error (6) for a while and it dosent get stuck just says it can't restore can anyone HELP?