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I'm unable to synchronize applications between my computer and iTunes. "Sync Applications" is grayed out in iTunes, while all of the other options (contacts, music, etc.) can be checked and unchecked and synced as usual. Restarting the iPhone does nothing to solve the problem.

Black MacBook C2D, Mac OS X (10.5.4), 2 GB RAM, 2.16 GHz; iPhone 8GB
  • Joel Nelson Level 3 Level 3 (900 points)
    Additional info:
    Fresh install of iPhone 2.0 firmware (official release via iTunes Software Update) on Friday.
    Phone has not been "hacked" in any way (i.e. no jailbreaking or unlocking).
    iTunes 7.7 (installed via Software Update)
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    I too am having the same problem, I just bought some new apps and now I cant sync them, everything else syncs up just fine, just my apps wont.

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    nevermind, I figured out what was wrong. I had enabled restrictions on my ipod touch. I turned on the install apps restriction so as soon as I turned that back off my new apps synced just fine.
  • Lonestar Level 1 Level 1 (55 points)
    I've got the same problem, except that restrictions have never been enabled (and are not currently) on my iPhone. Tried a reset (settings, not data) but that did nothing. Any ideas?
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    I was having the same problem, the apps I downloaded were greyed out and I was getting a message that the computer wasn't authorized to download them. So lame. The answer is this: go to your iTunes Library and you'll see a new category called Applications. Click on that and you'll see your downloaded apps. Click one of those and you'll be asked to enter your Mac ID. Once you do that, presto, your computer is "authorized." Go back and synch. Why oh why didn't Apple make this expicit? I've got a new mobile me account, a new MacBook Pro, and a new Time Capsule. I've had problems with all of them this week.
  • Lonestar Level 1 Level 1 (55 points)
    Thanks, don't know why I didn't see this. Your answer was the solution I needed. You're right, this is weird indeed. Thanks for the help...
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    Very helpful, thanks. Took a while to fumble inside ipod touch then specifically following instructions it now works fine.
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    iPhone 3g. Couldn't sync apps, they were grayed out in iTunes.
    Apple support told me 10 different difficult things to do that 'might' solve the problem but ultimately did nothing.
    The problem for me was to 'disable restrictions' on my phone. Now everything syncs fine.

    Lame, but now it works.
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    I too have tried everything in this thread...

    i've made sure my computer is authorized
    i've made sure restrictions has been disabled (it was on previously)
    i've clicked applications and an app (it didn't do anything, just highlighted the app)

    i'm trying a similar route... maybe if iTunes doesn't know how to clear the information that the iTouch/iPhone has disabled the restrictions where it was once on there previously, i'm trying a reinstall of iTunes. i've done it before and it worked up until my first sync (which oddly enough threw my touch into recovery mode forcing a total restore... thankfully i had most of my info backed up through outlook and windows address book so, no calendars or contacts went poof.

    i'm going to try and see what happens if i leave restrictions off for a week with my regular routiene... if after that the issue crops up again after enabling restrictions, then it will certainly point to the fact that there is an issue with iTunes not being able to remember if you've got it disabled after once seeing it turned on.

    i'll keep y'all posted.