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Hi there,

Was looking for some suggestions. My wife and I just got new iPhone 3Gs. I have a MobileMe account and she does not. I have a MacBook that I use exclusively, but we have an iMac that we share.

I love the MobileMe concept as it will sync my mail, contacts, calendars etc. through my iPhone, MacBook and iMac. Great.

Issue is how to make it work for my wife. She has a Gmail account which she can set up on the iPhone. She wants contacts from the Address Book on the iMac and she wants calendars from iCal on the iMac.

Can she share the same contacts and calendars? We only have one user account on the iMac. If I make a change, it should push to my iPhone, MacBook and iMac. If she makes a change to a contact or calendar, does she then have to sync with the iMac to have it change on the iMac? In theory, if she changes a contact, syncs with iMac, then Address Book in iMac is updated. Then does MobileMe detect that change and sync it with my iPhone and MacBook automatically?

Is there a better way? I am open to getting her a MobileMe account but if we share Contacts and Calendars doesn't seem to make sense since you can only have one MobileMe account set up per Mac OS user account/login. Or can you? If I sign up for a family account, will that solve all of these issues?

Thanks for any insight into how we could best work this out.

Also when my wife tries to sync with iTunes (on the iMac), she can't sync calendars/contacts because it says Syncing is not enabled. She goes into iSync (on the iMac) and Preferences to check the "Enable syncing on this computer" and it says can't connect to sync server.

Any ideas?

Nick Young

iMac Core2Duo 2.16GHz + MacBook Core2 2.4 GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.4), two iPhone 3Gs (mine and my wife's)
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    Yeah. I'd like some info on this as well. My wife as an itunes account on her Mac I have an itunes account on my pc at work. I figured out how to sync everything seperately. Now i need to sync my music from my itunes and her itunes onto my iphone since i did pay for all the rights to the music.
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    Yes - you and your wife can share the same MobileMe account. Just have her log in to the same mobileme address as the one you're using. Then each device can be set up to sync some or all of the information being synced at MobileMe.

    If you set these up in the MobileMe preferences pane in System Prefs, the login info should trickle down to all your apps, including iTunes. In fact, iTunes will show you in it's Tabs what's bwing synched through MobileMe when an iPhone is attached.
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    Sync the iTunes Store content from your work machine to your iPod or iPhone.

    Authorize the home machine for your account. Connect the iPod or iPhone and go to the File menu and choose "Transfer purchases from "iPod or iPhone's name""

    Sync the home content to the iPod or iPhone.

    Authorize the work computer for the home account. Connect the iPod or iPhone and go to the File menu and choose "Transfer purchases from "iPod or iPhone's name""

    Hope this helps,

    Nathan C.