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I have the old iPhone and am purchasing the new 3G. My son is getting my old phone. What is the best way to "clean" off my data? Should I manually delete everything on the old iPhone, then when I get the new one, just sync it in iTunes?

Thanks for your help!

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    u can simply do a "restore" from iTune, all your data on the old iPhone will be gone...

    it raised a new question tho, how am I gonna sync my notes from old iPhone to iPhone 3G?

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    I believe I read that a restore does not really erase the data on the iPhone, it leaves data in place, only writing over what it needs to. To really erase it, choose Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings > Erase iPhone.
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    Make sure that you do a sync of your old iPhone with iTunes before you get your new 3G. You will find that notes are backed up in iTUnes when you sync, so that when you set up your new iPhone 3G, make sure you don't select "set up new iPhone" -- instead, make sure that you select the option that says "restore from: [Name of your iPhone]" -- It will put your notes back on.

    When you select that option, it will put all your notes, settings, ringtone preferences and everything else on your new 3G iPhone from the backup in iTunes.
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    I'm having an issue trying to do this. The AT&T store said it would be no problem, and I could add a partner line account for my wife with the old iPhone through iTunes. All I was able to accomplish was to transfer my phone number back to the old iPhone, and the 3G iPhone now has no service. Grr...
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    The phone you passed on to your partner required a new SIM card from ATT - you can not reactivate the same SIM card that used to be in the old phone.

    Your going to have to go to ATT to have them sort all that out.
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    Thank you for all the responses. I'm very impressed. This is the first time I've used this forum, and it has been so very helpful. I searched iPhone "support" FAQs, searched "help" topics, and searched other areas of the internet, and could not find the answer. Within minutes, I received great responses.

    Thanks for taking the time to help me!!