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    I have an Alpine CDA-9857. It will not charge on my 3g. My buddies 2g charges fine....This is sorta a deal breaker as with the already short battery life, not charging while I use the iPod functions, drains the battery even faster.

    After reading the article that was linked, looks like i may be going back to my blackberry curve and iPod nano setup.
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    Purchase a D/C iPod charger from a third party and try that.
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    My Iphone 3G works perfect with my 08- M5, via Bluetooth. I have also the Ipod touch connected through the BMW middle console using the Y connector and everything works fine. Music is Ipod touch and phone is the 3G.

    Great phone , love it !!!!!
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    Cant cuase the iPhone connects to the alpine thought the dock connector. I assume any D/C chargers I get would also use the dock connector. So I know of no way i can hook both up at the same time. My alpine does not have an aux port nor do i want to use it. The integation of the ipod and deck is why I bought the unit in the first place.
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    iPhone 3G doesn't work with a lot of car charging systems. It doesn't work on Nissan/Infiniti either.

    When Apple removed "Firewire charging" they removed the +12V charging. Since cars are +12v, it's a logical way for them to charge. I don't think Apple thought out all of the possible ramifications of removing that feature, since Firewire linking is pretty much dead.

    Hopefully someone sells an adapter pass-through eventually.
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    Check to see if the phone charges. All the features of the iPhone work, except the battery charging.
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    I bought a new iPhone 3G on Friday. I do not know if it charged the phone, but the BMW iPod adapter played through my MINI Cooper S stereo like my iPod Classic and my girlfriend's iPod touch. Today; however, nothing. The screen won't turn white and have MINI displayed on the screen of the iPhone like it did yesterday. The only recognition that the iPhone 3G is plugged into the car is a warning that the charger won't work. Losing the charging capability is one thing, but losing the ability to play through the stereo is very frustrating.
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    I've been following this discussion board as well others. This seems to be a accessory wide problem. I understand the discussion of USB vs Firewire internals, but most if not all of those accessories are sanctioned "Made for iPod". Since iPhone is part of the iPod family it's reasonable to assume that the iPhone 3G would work with ANY "Made for iPod" accessory. It could range from a simple car charger, an integrated iPod system like in the BMW's, Audi's, Infiniti's, Mercedes and even Scions. I have a Scion, low man on that totem pole, but it too has the same problem as these others. It plays, but does not charge. I wasn't sure how to approach the problem. I'm not buying a new car, my old iPhone worked as well as all my iPods. The problem superficially at least is the iPhone 3G. I decided to schedule an appointment with the Genius bar at one of my local Apple Stores. He was great and as helpful as could be, but I knew he couldn't solve the problem. What he did do was agree to take my information and pass it to the Manager of the Genius Bar and it would then escalate to some sort of conversation with Apple headquarters. Admittedly, I don't know how far it will go, but if enough people inquire, complain, or whatever they need to do to communicate are issue with the situation then Apple will listen. They don't always, but if enough do then it will be remedied somehow.

    Ironically while waiting for my Genius appointment. I took the opportunity to test out my iPhone on several 'boom boxes' made for iPod. There was our problem recreated loud and clear. Even in Apples own stores with their own products the iPhone 3G will NOT charge while playing. True it plays, but it will not charge. Now if I was buying an iPhone and interested in a boom box do you really think the sales associate would disclose the matter? I'm not sure they would even know. In fact when speaking with an associate who has a new Mini Cooper he was kinda shocked. He just bought a new iPhone 3G and hadn't had the opportunity to try it in his car. I told him not to be surprised if it didn't.

    That's my two cents. Let's communicate the problem to Apple and encourage them to stand behind their product by at least acknowledging the issue.
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    My car isn't nearly as fancy as a BMW, Audi, etc., but my Scion doesn't seem to be capable of charging the 3G iPhone either. Another problem/oversight with the 3G iPhone... the list continues to grow.
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    When I use a 3rd party car plug-in charger I get the same warning with my 3G. Sometimes you gotta wonder what these guys are thinking.
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    Same situation here. I have recently purchased a Mini Cooper S.
    With the original iphone, I could access playlists while charging at the same time from the car's controls. I figured the integrated car kit was a great feature.
    HOWEVER, after upgrading to the 3G iphone, I am able to access playlist, but NOT able to charge simultaneously. This is a very big disappointment. No where did I see any warning from Apple that accessories on the original iphone will not work on 3g (especially on charging)...I wanted to upgrade, but not lose functionality!
    I also have 2 Bose SoundDocks that the 3G phones won't charge on. Not sure why Apple would take the feature off of the 3G version after many of us spent money on all these accessories. The iphone was a perfect blend of phone and ipod...this charging incompatibility on the 3g no longer helps marry the two. I hope there is an adapter that comes out to solve this issue...
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    I just spoke with Technical support at Apple. They said there is a lot on discussion boards, but to get this elevated within engineering at Apple we may need to also provide our complaints to their feedback site:
    I just submitted my issue and complaint.
    He also submitted a log case from my phone call.
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    Well, BMW has no idea about it either. The only way to get this fixed is to submit that feedback form and call your car dealers and tell them to speak to the car manufacturer, no matter which on it is. Clearly, Apple missed the boat on this one because when they decided to change the circuitry and car adapters/chargers (especially ones that people pay $500 for) fell through the cracks.

    Not sure what the other adapters look like but the one in the BMW is an Apple male connector on one side and on the other its a Y cable - one part is USB and the other is a male headphone plug. It could be as easy as manufacturing another adapter. Or it could be a nightmare for BMW (and other car manufacturers) if it affects the rest of the kit where the whole kit needs to be replaced. Someone is paying for that, and its not me.
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    I have a 2007 honda civic with the honda factory ipod adaptor and it charges but will not work as an ipod!!!!! Also my honda factory bluetooth kit can't be seen by my iphone 3G!! Pain in the a*s!!!