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    I bought the Neo ProLink for my '06 Honda Civic last year when I got my ipod. Since one of the updates to the pod a couple months ago it doesn't function as it should, I have to restart it to get the functionality in the pod back. I plugged in my new 3G iphone yesterday hoping that maybe it would work, but alas, it doesn't charge. I unplugged it immediately since I didn't have any battery and have yet to try just playing the thing. It's frustrating that it seems all these adapter kits won't work with the new iphones. I hope this is something a software update can fix...or something. I really don't want to have to buy a whole new adapter. Though considering my regular ipod doesn't work quite right either, I may have to.
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    Same deal here. Will not charge in my 535i. I have control but no charge in my other car (CRV with Pioneer DEH-P7900BT) as well. I seriously doubt this will get addressed or corrected by July 31 (my return by date) so it looks I may have to return my iPhone. This really ***** as I switched over from Verizon just so I could get the iPhone 3G. I really hope it can be fixed via software/firmware otherwise someone will have to invent some kind of pass-through power injector really quickly. As a side note, I read on another thread that this might be a problem with original iPhones that worked pre-2.0 and now no longer charge with the very same accessory that charged it before. If the OP was accurate with his info.
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    does it sync the contact list correctly? i have the older phone with the updated 2.0 software, and the contact list that shows up is just the at&t services list; ie check bill balance, directory assistance, pay my bill, etc.

    also, you would think this would work correctly; from a joint press release a few years ago; i guess that was then and this is now...

    +Apple teams up with BMW on iPod adapter [updated]+
    +June 15, 2004 - 23:39 PDT by Larry Angell - Following up on our story earlier today regarding upcoming auto solutions for the iPod, MacMinute has obtained a two-page joint advertisement from Apple and BMW for a new iPod car adapter. The ad reads: "The first seamless integration of iPod and automobile. Connect with your music like never before. With the installation of an integrated adapter developed by BMW and Apple -- now available for the BMW 3 Series, X3 and Z4 -- you can control your iPod through the existing audio system and multi-function steering wheel. Which means no loss of power. No loss of sound quality. And no loss of control." The ad also directs consumers to, which as of this posting, is not yet live.+
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    defective phone, no.

    the charger kit was likely made using the firewire charging pin; apple dropped support for that with the 3g
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    Also, bear in mind that kit with the Made for iPod logo doesn't guarantee it'll work with an iPhone. Apple have a "Made for iPhone" logo to certify iPhone accessories.
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    Adding to what others have said, this is an accessory-wide problem.

    I use a Monster iCarPlay (an FM transmitter). It always worked fine with my video iPod, but when I plug in my new iPhone 3G, I see a warning icon and a message saying that charging is not supported.

    I guess I made the right choice when deciding not to integrate my iPod directly into my SUV. I'm planning on handing down my current FM transmitter to the same person who inherited my iPod, and purchasing a newer FM transmitter when those are available.
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    My iPhone 3G does not charge in the infiniti G37, I get the same warning like others "charging is not supported" the original iPhone did not have this problem. I don't mind companies making changes to a product however I think this had warranted "_*full disclosure*_" from apple prior to launch. This could potentially be bad PR for Apple now that it forces its customers to spend extra money & time to either find a third-party solution for the affected accessories or re-purchase "certified" accessories to replace the ones they already owned. If Apple had disclosed this change then it would have being up to us the consumers to make a purchasing decision prior to purchase instead of after the fact.
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    The high speed usb cable for alpine decks work awesome, i have the ida x001 and it worked with the first iphone and the 3g iphone. It sounds like its the firewire pin config thats the prob?
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    My 3G is not working as well in my Audi A5. The 1st GEN iphone did. My iPod Touch with 2.0 still charges and plays fine. ITS JUST the 3G and I AM HATING IT.
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    Contrary to what many have stated about the BMW and iPod/iPhone integration to be firewire, the connection is USB. Please read the statement below from the BMW website. Also the new 2.0 upgrade for the iPod Touch also stops it from charging in the BMW factory kit, which I paid BMW $500 to install in my 08 X5. I tried hooking up my iPod Video and nano and both worked how they should have.

    Additionally the SoundDock Systems for iPod which Apple was more then happy to sell me last month at $350 doesn't work with the iPhone!

    I really hope that apple can get there act together and come out with a 2.1 update that isn't as buggy as the current version!

    I know may of you out there think Apple is infallible but everything in this thread shows that Apple is just at incompetent as Microsoft and there rush to push software that doesn't work and isn't backwards compatible!!!

    +It's the kind of innovative approach you would expect from BMW.+

    +In 2004, BMW was the first to integrate the iPod into BMW vehicles and have customers take full control of their music on the road. So it seemed only logical that BMW be among the first to ensure iPhone owners have the same ability to enjoy their music, plus the added benefits of Bluetooth® hands-free calling across our model line, from day one of its release. Using a newly-available optional USB connection port, both iPods and iPhones can be seamlessly integrated into any BMW model.+

    +Please see the detailed compatibility information below.+

    +Copyright © 2007 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPod and iPhone are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Inc.+

    +DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY: The iPhone functions with BMW vehicles equipped with BMW Assist with Bluetooth® handsfree-calling as of the date of testing and meets or exceeds minimum standards established by BMW of North America ('BMW'). This is not a warranty for phone performance or functionality. BMW makes no guarantees or warranties as to the performance of any phone while connected to your BMW via Bluetooth® Wireless Technology. Furthermore, software releases by BMW, the phone supplier or the wireless carrier dated after testing might alter compatibility results.+

    +Access to the iPod (or the iPod application of the iPhone) via the vehicle controls and central information or radio display is only possible on cars equipped with iPod/USB interface. The iPod/USB interface is available on 3 and 5 Series with 03/07 production, the X5 with 04/07 production and the 6 Series with 09/07 production date. Further details will be available shortly. In the meantime please contact BMW of North America's Customer Relations Department at 1-800-831-1117 for further details.+
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    I too switched from VZ to ATT just for the 3G. The hardest part for me is the fact that the adapter is connected to the wiring harness in back of my stereo, and I would have to tear out the entire dash to get to it, because of the way new Hondas are built...bleh
    I think I remember my ex plugging his first gen iphone into the adapter and it worked just fine, but he never tried it post-update. Have to check that out...

    Related to other people's saying this an Apple's really not, its a third-party issue. I'm annoyed that my product won't work with my new Apple tech, but its not Apple's fault, they don't have to be compliant with third-party products.
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    Does not charge in my 08 mini cooper s either. The mini has an actual usb port in the car that is used and the supplied cable from mini makes the iphone show the old accessory error message. It seems to charge when the ipod is not being accessed. I can't tell since the screen is off at that point, but i have an hour long drive to work and it is always fully charged when i reach my office. I had the same problem with the ipod classic but that was fixed during a firmware upgrade. I have not checked the address book yet.
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    If you have an older BMW, then the power is provided to the firewire pin on the connector which is no longer used in the 3G, Newer BMW with USB connectors charges fine.
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    That is not correct. I have a new 08 BMW and iPhone 3G does not charge with Y cable. I was curios and replaced the Y cable with the USB cable that came with iPhone 3G and the error message does not show up and phone gets charged, i understand there is no use since it is not a Y cable. But atleast i know that it's just the PIN problem in Y Cable.
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    I really hope Apple addresses this soon. I paid a premium to have the ipod kit installed in my MINI.