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Since upgrading from Tiger to Leopard (10.5.4) a couple of days ago, I can no longer get streaming radio from iTunes. When I double click on a station I get the "Getting Playlist" dialog box followed by the "Connecting to URL" dialog box, then nothing. Everything worked well prior to the upgrade. I'm using iTunes 7.7 (43) and my browser is Safari 3.1.2 (5525.20.1). The sound works fine in other applications as well as in iTunes when I play songs from my playlist. What am I doing wrong?

mac pro, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    Same problem with iTunes radio. I'm using Tiger 10.4.11, Safari 3.1.2, and iTunes v7.6.2.

    Before the release of v7.7 my radio URL's would "sometimes" load and connect and play for a short time. Since the release of v7.7 none of the radio URL's will connect. When I double click on a station I get the "getting playlist" then NO connection.

    Also, I'm using "Live365" radio and all works very good except for very long connect times. All this started happening about the time of iTunes v7.6.

    As long as Live365 stays happy with iTunes I'll be OK. Live365 VIP is worth the $4.95 a month because we live in Baja and play music all day long via AirPort Expresses to our home stereo's.
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    Me too!

    OS X 10.5.4, iTunes 7.7.1, QuickTime 7.5.0
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    i have the same problem...
    i use itunes 7.7 (43), 10 days ago that i try to connect to my favorit radio station. i get an error massage...(can not connect. please check youre network settings or tray it later again), and if i will search for updates then i get the same error messege!
    whats wrong?? last time i´m updated itunes but it didnt work!!
    what can i do to resolve this problem???
    please help!!!

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    i find the answer for my problem!!!!!
    i readed that the most people have a problem with youre itunes radiostream....
    today i find out that i cant do a software update! ROFL^^

    !!!!!check out youre network settings and disable all proxies!!!!

    i think that the change of settings advanced with the last update! i don´t no why but i know that i didn´t change my settings 100%!!!

    greetz and good luck
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    If you are trying to launch a stream from a URL, then it would help if you list that actual site. It is possible that they have changed something on their end to coincide with your update as well. But we would need to know the link in order to check it out. You have to keep in mind that all streams are not equal.
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    Problem solved here, proxy app "privoxy" blocked the streams of most stations due to new filters, that came up with a new version and weren't noticed by me. "iTunes" itself is definitely not "broken". Check your networking config!