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Anyone having issues with signal strength with their iPhone 3G? More specifically 3G signal strength. I'm supposedly in a strong 3G area, but I rarely see my phone switch to 3G when at home. Stays mostly in EDGE and even then it often goes from 2 or 3 bar in EDGE to "no service". It goes back and forth very often. And when it does go to 3G, its 1 bar. Just wondering if anyone else was having similar problems.
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    Im seeing the same thing. I get like 1 or no bars phone still seems to operate but the signal is always VERY weak.
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    Hey there, I am in Philadelphia and have the exact same problem. My 2G iPhone did not have any of these issues, but since I have 3G iPhone, my signal strength is terrible. At&T has great service where I live too. This is soo ridiculous.
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    I'm very concerned about this. I've always had really good signal with my first iphone. My new iphone keeps dropping calls and calls go to my voice mail even when I have the phone with me, my head set in and never hear it ring. So I'm missing calls due to fluctuation of coverage. I called AT&T and they don't have a clue what the problem is. There is another problem with the phone and it constantly requesting a voicemail password that it will not accept. They have no clue there either. I have an appointment at the apple store tomorrow.
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    We can rant about the reduced bars with 3G all we want and it is meaningless unless someone tests to determine whether the reduction of an image translates into the inability to place or receive calls.

    What I am saying is that I also have noticed a reduction of bars in the image that signifies image strength while running 3G. However, I have not, as of the time of this post, experienced the inability to make or receive a call - while running 3G with fewer bars. So I am proposing that perhaps - the reduction in bars does not really have a direct coefficient to a reduction in signal strength under 3G. That is yet to be determined.
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    I just saw other threads about this on two other cell phone websites as well as another one on this site. So I know it's not just me.
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    The ATT 3g coverage map says I should be good to go for 3g, but I get No Service or 1 bar. I've tried reinstalling my SIM card - no effect.
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    I live in Porto/Portugal and purchased my iPhone on Vodafone. I have had low signal strength also, in fact the signal is very unstable ranging 1-4 bars constantly. In the same place, my old E61 shows full signal. As many people said the same thing in other countries, I think these issues with intermittent reception on the SOME new iPhone 3G models has nothing to do with the carriers, it is the phone itself.

    I hope Apple figures out that this is a problem and releases a software update to fix it.

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    Same issues here in Houston with my iPhone, but although I only get 1-2 bars in 3g mode at home (usually) but I've never had a dropped call. With my old 2g phone I used to get dropped calls daily.

    The weird thing is that even when I go outside, I still only get 1-2 bars, which seems strange to me because I live about a mile from downtown in the 4th most populated city in the country. Weird.
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    I live in an area where our Cell signal is very intermittent & weak. This is causing numerious problems that I did not have with my previous black berry. 1. Poor battery life as the system tries and reports loss of network connection over and over again 2. Connecting to mail message freezes all the time and I must reboot the G3 Phone several times per day. One rebooted mail works fine for a while. 3. Very poor reception of cell calls.

    I assume that a new upgrade will improve the mail freezing problem, and perhaps reduce the atemps to keep reconnecting to a missing / poor signal network. But I doubt that they will improve the sensitivity of the cell phones receiver without a new phone purchase.

    Any suggestions / insite to Apples corrective action would be appreciated.
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    This link might be helpful:

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    +I just saw other threads about this on two other cell phone websites+

    Which ones?

    Here is one of the biggest threads about this:


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    1) I am a new customer to AT&T, that broke my agreement with Sprint for the new 3G iPhone. Joined them on June 12, 2008

    2) I only get 1 - 2 bars at my house in NE Washington, DC (at this time only one bar) & at my friend's apt in NW (Adams Morgan) She has a Blackberry

    3) I call service and spoke with Tiffany at AT&T on July 25, 2008 (got much attitude) trying to get satisfactory answers about my Corp Discount not being added to my 1st bill and about low bars (1 or 2), cut off calls in Arlington, VA and over all horrible cell coverage. (FYI) Corp Discounts don't kick in until 1 or 2 billing cycles after you signed up... YES, That is Complete BS, Sprint kicked in immediately...

    4) Spoke with Tanya on July 26, 2008 (More attitude from the people trained to help me, the customer) about More Low Bars and weak coverage. She Lied to me and said that no other complaints have been filed in my area, but there was a tower being worked on TEN MILES AWAY from my home. Then she got major attitude when I asked her how does that effect me where I am... (mind you, DC is 10 miles from any one point straight across to the other end) Yet AT&T has commercials currently airing (July 2008) about over 140 cell towers added to the DC/Baltimore area. I asked to speak to her manager after receiving more attitude from her, when I tried to get clarification. Leona (Reno, NV) came to the phone and was much more helpful. She confirmed that my area has had complaints about signal strength and coverage. She filled out a Network Incident Tracker (NIT)

    I wish Sprint had the iPhone.... They have a much better service (Cell strength and Customer Service)... When the iPhone monopoly is over in a few years.. I will switch back...