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Just a comment on Apple TV and HDMI switching, I looked at many forums online to try and find a solution to my problem, which is 1 HDMI input on TV and 1 optical input on amp. I wanted a simple solution, and of course a one that works. I tried the Joytech trilink switcher...does not work with Apple TV (or at least it does not on mine). Now have the Thor 4 way combined HDMI/Digital Optical and coax which works perfectly with Apple TV and SKY HD on my Pioneer plasma.
This is just a comment so other people out there looking for a HDMI switching solution with Apple TV know the Thor works Joytech doesn't.
I live in the UK so not sure if that is relevant or not to your search.

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    I've often thought a post listing compatible switches and/or AV amps would be helpful. I can remember lots of posts about incompatible ones but only a few about compatible ones, and the names of those escape me as I didn't need one myself.

    The only downside is that TVs might play a part as well in a given setup.


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    I saw a company called Gefen Inc at MacWorld last year and have been keeping abreast of their product launches since then. They have a ton of switches of all kinds, and the gear I saw in person seemed well made, but I haven't reached critical mass on HDMI devices yet, so I haven't actually used their stuff. If you're shopping around, they're worth a look.

    Has anyone used them?

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    Good to know that Thor HDC-100 is working for some people's Apple TV's - I have just bought one off Ebay and it works fine for my Virgin V+ box but not for the Apple TV - the sound is good, but there's no picture - anyone any thoughts?