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I'm in the U.S. NAVY. We are often asked to complete online courses through the NAVY's NKO (Navy Knowledge Online) web site. The web site can be access using Safari without any problems. (For members of the NAVY, it is not a public site...) HOWEVER, I am unable to launch, take and complete any of the online courses offered through the "e-learning" part of the NKO web site. Does anyone out there, among all of the Safari discussions know anything about NKO, AND how to get Safari to work with the "e-learning" online courses? I'm getting web browser configuration error messages. I've also heard that it is an issue with Java, although, I have updated Java for Safari on my MAC. Any ideas?

2005 G5, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Pre-Intel G5
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    Hi NAVY:

    Welcome to Apple discussions.

    I suggest you try an alternate browser (Firefox from Mozilla is free and a good one). There are a few web sites that seem to be unaware of the fact that Macs/safari exist. They do not code to standards or, worse yet, use Microsoft extensions.

    I worked for the US Government for quite awhile. Unfortunately, a few US sites (USPS Click n Ship for one) do not play well with Safari. If the site works with Firefox, write them and let them know there is a problem.