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I have been having completely ridiculous problems with my MacBook which as yet have gone unsolved (see http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=7583029 )

This morning, on going to use my MacBook Pro, I pressed the power button and watched it load up to the white Apple on the grey background, saw the progress wheel spinning and watched it continue to do this for an extended period of time.

Puzzled, I held down the power button (as I have been doing to resolve my freezing problem), turned it off and started it up again.

This time, every time it turns on, it spins the progress wheel (about 5 minutes on the grey screen) and shuts itself down with no warning.

I am completely unable to use my MacBook Pro and am writing this on an almost equally problematic Windows system - but this kind of thing is expected of Vista.

MacBook Pro 2.6GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.4), 4GB RAM
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    I am having a similar issue with the OS not booting. I did a bad thing and force reset after a security update on 10.4.something. I then went to the Apple store and did a erase and reinstall with 10.5 after saving some files. It was working fine after that and I was just resetting up when everything froze again. I force reset it and now it just boots to the first gray screen with the apple logo and the thinking wheel. I am able to boot from the CD and to windows (which I am using now).
    Any ideas?
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    It's best to stick with your original post to avoid confusion when users are trying to help.

    You have already gotten a reply & as of yet, you have not responded.

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    It's generally better to start your own Topic, rather than adding onto an existing one.

    Please start a new topic about your issue so it can receive more focused attention.

    Thank you
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    Thank you, but this problem is a separate one, I simply believe it could stem from my original problem.

    The original problem is, of course, currently irrelevant, because I cannot use my MacBook Pro at all.

    So far nothing suggested has worked.
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    I booted it up with my Mac OSX Install Disk, went to Utilities and attempted to use first aid on my HDD.

    Verifying the disk produces the error messages:
    Invalid node structure
    Volume check failed.
    Error: Filesystem verify or repair failed

    It is now not possible to verify or repair permissions and the HDD's name is greyed out in the list of disks in the disk utility.

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    Sounds like you have directory damage that Disk Utility is unable to repair. You will need a stronger utility.

    You must use the versions that are compatible w/your OS system & keep the utilities updated to avoid damaging/harming/trashing your system.

    Highly recommended for *directory damage* repairs.

    TechTool Pro
    Multi-functional utility.

    Drive Genius Multi-functional utility.

    You will need to make your own decision on which to purchase. Read up on them on their websites because each does something a little different.

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    That isn't really an option for me at the moment.

    Isn't there a free alternative?
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    Check out About disk optimization with Mac OS X. Scroll down to *If you think you might need to defragment*

    Please note that the more you use your computer the greater the directory damage which may cause you to take your computer to your nearest AASP.

    It's best not to use your computer until the damage has been repaired.

    Good luck!
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    "That isn't really an option for me at the moment.

    Isn't there a free alternative? "

    The free alternative is an Erase & Install.
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    I encountered a similar problem with my MBP. It started with a strange screen flicker as if the horizontal control needed to adjusted like we used to have to do on the old TV sets. Then the issue got worse where it would wake up from sleep mode, finally it got to the point where it no longer started up, as if there was no power coming from the battery or the power supply. This all happened in the space of two days, leaving me with a rather expensive paper weight.

    I took the machine into a certified Apple Service Center where they informed me that the Logic Board needed to be replaced at a cost of (Choke) $999.00

    I am now looking for a reasonably priced logic board and plan to do it myself.