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Recently my dad stopped by my house and dropped off the old B&W he used to use about 10 years ago for the business. Since then (past week) I went to OWC to purchase and installed alot of upgrades. Unfortunately the original software reinstall discs are gone. I could go and purchase OS 9 and the OSX Tiger somewhere online to reinstall, but, was wondering if I got a hold of apple, if they would sell me software reinstall discs or somewhere I can purchase these??? I am just using this as a server now for my business but would like to have these so i can clear out and what not. Thanks!!!

Joey O.

Macbook 13.3 Late 2007, Mac OS X (10.5.4), Powermac G3 B&W 300 Mhz
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    If you call Apple Customer Service they can probably supply you with a set of replacement discs at reduced cost ($30-something I think) However, these will be of the kind that originally came with the computer so if you're running a newer OS you will have to look to other sources.
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    You think they would sell reprints of the original documentation also? Probably not since it is downloadable now right?
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    The original restore disk contained OS 8.6, which does you no good for the purpose of running the Classic (OS 9.2.2) environment within OS X. I'd check eBay and try to find a universal/retail installer disk for OS 9 (white disk with a large "9" on it). Don't buy another Mac's Restore disk, because it may not install properly on your B&W G3. After installing OS 9.x, you can download/run the OS 9.2.1 and 9.2.2 Updates. Verify that the computer's firmware has already been updated to version 1.1, prior to installing OS X.
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    Strictly speaking Classic requires OS9.1 or higher (up to 9.2.2), though there isn't really any reason not to go all the way to 9.2.2. If you get a 9.0.4 CD remember you will have to at least do one update to 9.1 in order for Classic to run.
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    Well I was able to obtain the orginal disks & manuals on ebay with 8.6 and bought a os 9 cd. You really think it may harm my system if I did a complete restore first then installed 9????


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    If what you are looking for is Classic then the 8.6 CDs don't do anything for you. OS9 was a new install upgrade, not something you updated from OS8. Hopefully the OS9 CD you got is a retail install version (gold, not gray), or if it is a B$W then it matches that release of the B&W, otherwise it may not work. Will it boot your computer?
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    I believe it is a retail disc I ordered.

    Next question since you know quite a bit....

    I want to put a 2 new HDs in the G3 and use that as my server. so.....

    can I put 2 120's in and use one as my boot and install that retail OS9 on it, and how would I go about doing it?
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    I haven't worked with a B&W, just a beige so I am working using other's knowledge. Perhaps you could give us a rundown of the B&W, maybe even run System Profiler and copy and paste information from the first page here. Are you planning on running OSX (and which version) and Classic on this computer, or native OS9 boot, or all three?

    There is a potential problem with the version of B&W. The oldest version really has problems (for lack of a better term other than "flaky") with larger drives, so apart from RAM information you need to know if it is a Rev. 1 B&W.
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    The 300 MHz may be a rev 1. Rev 1 has a serious problem with drives faster than the originals (and this typically refers to All drives Larger than about 40 GB). This article will tell you exactly what to look for under "3. Revised IDE Controller Chip":