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Hi All,
My iphone slipped from my hand and fell on the floor just 2 days ago.
The edge of the iphone touched the floor first and it at the same moment the sim came out from the phone.
i replaced it back to its slot and again tried to opereate the same.
But when the swtiched on the phone "SLIDE TO UNLOCK" opened and when i tried to slide to oped it, it didnt open at all.
I can operate the ipod through the HOME button and when ipod opens i can use teh touch screena nd operate it, at the same time i can even switch it off.

i feel everything wil be fine if i open the iphone and get into teh main menu.
but i'm not able to get into teh main menu as i cant slide to unlock.

i can get calls and msgs but i cnat read those msgs or receive those calls as i cant unlock or slide to open it and receive it

I haveb een using this iphone from past 3 months and this i the first time i'm facing this problem.

Can anyone suggest me why this has happened ? and how can i get into teh main menu as slide is not working?

Can anyone help me to resolve this issue ?

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