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Lganth Level 1 (0 points)
There was a discussion some time back on this list about using a US-sold Time Capsule in Europe. I was reassured by the specs Apple has posted, i.e. that Time Capsule required anything between 120 and 240v input. However, taped to the power cord is a label that says "2.5A 125V-" Now I'm nervous again.

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    Did you ever figure it out? I have the same question, but I'm too scared to just bite the bullet and plug it in. It would just fry the cord though, not the TC, right?
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    I just moved to Spain from the US recently and brought my time capsule with me. I am using a plug adapter only and it works like a champ on the Europe style plugs here. No issues whatsoever. I would like to see if I can go to the local apple store here and buy a plug specifically for Europe so I can free up an adapter though....hmmmm.
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    I'm moving to Spain myself in 2 months and concerned about the same issue.

    Where you able to find a European power cord for your Time Capsule?

    Does anyone know how to obtain one?
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    I bought a Time Capsule (the "old" model MB276AM/A) two weeks ago, and the cable (which also has "2.5A 125V" printed on it) works fine in 240V.
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    My TC cable has 300v printed along it (just about read if the angle to the light is OK).

    Also 120v @ 2.5 amps is roughly 240v @ 1.25 amps, so current draw is less on the higher voltage.

    Should be fine, as long as the correct fuses are used in the plug. Which is there to protect the cable from wall socket to appliance and not the appliance itself.