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Hi All.

I have an iPOD Classic (80GB) and an iPOD Nano (8 GB); one iPOD universal dock; 2 USB cables; one no-name iPOD charger and one no-name USB charger (that I also use to charge via USB my PDA/phone).

Universal Dock is for connection to my stereo.

I can't connect either of my iPODs to the stereo AND charge them.

1. PC -> USB cable -> iPOD = charge OK
2. universal dock with powersupply -> iPOD = does NOT charge the battery
3. charger -> iPOD = charge OK
4. USB power supply -> USB cable -> iPOD = charge OK
5. USB power supply -> USB cable -> universal dock -> iPOD = does NOT charge
6. PC -> USB cable -> universal dock -> iPOD = charge OK

I tried all scenarios with both my iPODs, so the issue is elswhere

So it looks like the universal dock does only pass throught power to the iPOD when connected to a PC.

Am I missing something?

PS: I read about the similar thead, but I have only USB cables, no FW cable, so after an hour of search, I need help now.

Thanks for aour support & greetings from Switzerland.


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