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I have this idiot calling multiple times a week at all times. Nobody is there if you answer and there's no way to get them to stop. I have the number (301 882-9976) and they're some collection agency back north (I've been debt free for 10 years). It's outright harassment because I can't talk to a real person and tell them where to get off.

Called at&t and they said this is a Apple issue. Some phones have the ability others don't. So does anyone know if there's a ability to block a number from even ringing, or even have the phone answer and read a custom message to them telling them to remove the number from there list, allowing me to sleep in peace. I'm starting to miss my afternoon siestas.

Until then I'll add a address book entry and do a custom zero volume ringtone. Of course it doesn't help as I have vibrate on as well, nor will it help if I'm on the other line and switch over without looking.

Thanks for any help. Still on hold with Apple 25 mins in...

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