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I am having big problems with Color 1.0.2 and I am trying to test an older version of Quicktime (7.4) I am looking for a way to UNINSTALL quicktime 7.5. Either a list of files or apple script.

Any ideas?

Quad Power Mac G5 2.66 5Gig Multibridge Cyprico, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
  • Klaus1 Level 8 Level 8
    If you are having problems with Color 1.0.2 this might help:


    or posting in the Final Cut Express Forum:


    As regards Quicktime 7.5:

    If you wish to downgrade Quicktime to 7.4.x, (even though you will lose the important security fixes contained in the 7.5 update, and you will also find that parts of iTunes 7.6, iMovie and iChat may not work without QT 7.5) there are two methods for doing this (note that attempting to manually delete Quicktime from your hard disk is doomed to failure. QT has components all over the place as it is used by many applications):

    (Note: I am running 10.4.11. Some things may be different in Leopard, but the principle should be the same.)

    First: Go to HD/Library/Packages and delete the file QuickTime750_Tiger.pkg

    1. Perform an Archive and Install process to remove all of the QuickTime update's (and potentially problem-causing) components, and replace them with the components of the older release. Unfortunately, this means you will lose some system settings and some or all third-party system add-ons. This method is therefore longwinded and inconvenient, but will ultimately work. Because QT is an integral part of OS X using an archive and install to also downgrade to a previous version of OS X so that the various versions can work in the intended tandem, is the safest way to do it. But there is also another way:

    2. Install Quicktime 7.4.x in such a way that it overwrites the QT 7.5 files without interfering with your other system settings and third-party add-ons. This can be done using a shareware (you can use it a few times for free, but worth paying for and having) application called Pacifist. This method works perfectly:

    (Note that there separate QT 7.4 installer packages for Leopard, Tiger and Panther, and you can get them here:

    For Panther: http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/quicktime74forpanther.html

    For Tiger: http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/quicktime74fortiger.html

    For Leopard: http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/quicktime74forleopard.html

    Make sure you download the correct version for your system!

    If you don't have it already, download Pacifist from:


    and install it.

    Open Pacifist, and drag the icon of the QT installer to the Pacifist window. This will have the 'open carton' icon. Click on this, then click Install from the top left-hand corner of the Pacifist menu. You will be asked if you want existing files replaced. Say yes to all. Job done!

    You will now have Quicktime 7.4.x installed.

    N.B. Repair permissions and restart both before and after installation.
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    I just followed your instructionsabout uninstalling 7.5 and reinstalling 7.4 with Pacifist. I then tried to play my QuickTime slideshow. However, it didn't play with sound again. I noticed there are two files. One is the movie and the other is a QuickTime sound file for my soundtrack. Should there be two?

    Also, after the no sound problem, I went back and reread your post. The last line is N.B. Repair permissions for both, restart, etc. What do you mean? How can I do this? I know that I can go into Disk Utility to do this, but how can I limit it to Quick Time?

    I really need to get this thing working as I have to send out my slide shows to potential clients soon.

    Russ Martin
  • Klaus1 Level 8 Level 8
    how can I limit it to Quick Time?

    You can't, but then nor do you want to!

    Repairing permissions is an important part of regular maintenance, and should always be carried out both before and after any software installation or update.

    Go to Disk Utility (this is in your Utilities Folder in your Application folder) and click on the icon of your hard disk (not the one with all the numbers).

    In First Aid, click on Repair Permissions.

    This only takes a minute or two.

    Background information here:


    and here:


    If you were having any serious problems with your Mac you might as well complete the exercise by repairing your hard disk as well. You cannot do this from the same start-up disk. Reboot from your install disk (holding down the C key). Once it opens, select your language, and then go to Disk Utility from the Utilities menu. Select your hard disk as before and click Repair.

    Once that is complete reboot again from your usual start-up disk.

    More useful reading here:

    Resolve startup issues and perform disk maintenance with Disk Utility and fsck

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    Thanks for all your help. I don't have problems with my computer. The problem that I am facing is when I use Keynote 08, and export to QuickTime, the sound does not record. Some people said that was because of a QuickTime 7.5 issue. So, I bought Pacifist and uninstalled 7.5 and installed 7.4. 7.5 is now off my computer since I get a software update saying that 7.5 is available and I should update.
    Anyway, I did a verify and repair of permissions. It said that was successful. Also, Disk First Aid said that my hard drive is fine. So, it looks like I'm good to go. Tonight, I'll try to export to QuickTime again. However, the last time I did, it generated a sound file and a movie file. Would you know if this is normal? I would think that my slide presentation should all be in one file. I want it to play automatically when someone inserts the disk. And, while I'm at it, does it make any difference if I use a CD-R or a DVD-R? CD's are significantly less expensive and the file is only 9.9 MB.
    You seem to be quite knowledgeable about this, so I'm hoping that you may have some answers.

    Russ Martin

  • Klaus1 Level 8 Level 8
    A data CD-R should be fine as long as you know it will play on any stand-alone CD player. DVD players may be better at this.

    As for the Keynote question, I hereby resign, as I don't use it!

    Hopefully other will chime in with further advice.
  • Fine Art Photographer Level 1 Level 1
    Well, thanks for your help. That Pacifist suggestion was a gem.

  • Fine Art Photographer Level 1 Level 1
    Thought that Pacifist extraction of QuickTime 7.5 and install of 7.4 would help the no sound issue of with my Keynote presentation. It didn't. I'm using the free trial version of Keynote. Also, recorded timing is grayed out when I try to export to Quicktime. I need a solution now. Anyone have another guess at what will give me sound in QuickTime? All I want is the music soundtrack that plays over the whole show to play. This is crazy? Seems to be a major bug.
  • Dave Althoff Level 4 Level 4
    You have QuickTime Pro?

    If so, then forget about trying to combine everything in Keynote. Instead, load the audio track into QuickTime, load the slide show (without audio) into another QuickTime window, select all of the slide show, select the audio track, then add scaled. Your slide show will be adjusted to fit the music.

    If you prefer, you can do it a chunk at a time...that is, if you want everything synched, select a chunk of the music track, copy it, create a new file, paste the music, copy the slide(s) that go with that music, and add scaled to the new file. Lather, rinse, repeat until done.

    I haven't tried it myself, but I understand there are some pretty serious problems with recording sound with a Keynote show, and doing it all in QT Pro doesn't fix it, but avoids the issue entirely.

    --Dave Althoff, Jr.
  • Fine Art Photographer Level 1 Level 1
    Just bought QuickTime Pro and am now in the process of exporting my Keynote presentation. Fingers are crossed that this is going to solve all my problems.