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  • Greg Youngs Level 1 Level 1
    Because apparently it's a problem with all security. I have Kaspersky and it responds the same way. I cannot get in but I did notice (I'm using version 8 which trashed the store last night)that Kaspersky allows me into only a specific Apple server so I'm wondering if they've changed the site address (server number).

    Would appreciate help.

    ...and to the person that suggests throwing out my $1500 laptop to buy a $3000 comparable Apple? If you're going to create software for the competition, it should work as well as it purportedly does for the Apple!
  • Katrina S. Level 7 Level 7
    Um, no, it's not a problem with all security. It's a problem with security packages that block an installation without asking the PC user if they want it blocked.

    My reply about a stellar first post was tongue-in-cheek. That was really not helpful, telling everyone to buy a Mac. There are also Mac users who can't get into the iTS.

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  • navyjeep Level 1 Level 1
    Yo i got the same problem, i cannot connect to the itunes store, and its ******* me off, i arleady have like a movie and a couple albums downloading, and i cant finish downloading them because i cant access the **** store. And yet Apple claims that its a problem with everyones computer when that cannot be logical cause how is everyone in the world gonna have the same computer problem. Its clearly a problem with Apple and there Itunes Store ********. I say we revolt and let the word out that apple is jipping us for our money and tell everyone to stop buying ipods and iphones. And then we will see what happens. Either that Or I want my money back apple cause i know you read this ****. So get up off your ***** and get your techs together and do something about this asap or your gonna have a lot off ****** off people on your hands more than you do now.
  • Greg Youngs Level 1 Level 1
    This is long but to the point.

    I've cooled off a bit since my earlier response relating to Apple's releasing software that doesn't work on release - supposedly so much better than Microsoft (MS).

    The real problem is that Apple is now getting a lot more users, selling cross-platform software and they are beginning to encounter some of the same compatibility problems Microsoft continues to encounter. They occur on Apple's as well. There are just too many possible configurations of operating system, chips and software to be able to get everything to work every time.

    In some ways, Microsoft does a much better job at backwards compatibility, although they've jerked us around plenty in the past.

    That being said, I've found Apple to be much better than MS most of the time, although both of them have totally let me down at least once. Many of their apps are free, they work flawlessly and there are minimal security issues keeping the operating system free to do it's job rather than fighting itself to keep bugs out.

    Meanwhile, after reviewing all of the help for the -9812 errors, I find it to be a really old error - nothing new here except there is no new real information on how to correct it.

    The advice to check out a MS issued fix, which is really intended to fix something totally different, is ludicrous on many levels. 1.) It relates to all sorts of MS internals when the problem is known to be caused by certain 3rd party security packages. 2.) The very first thing THEY suggest doesn't work - in fact the PC won't even ALLOW me do it. (Okay Apple - time to remove that one!)

    I do wish they could diagnose this a little better. After just logging off last night and logging back in tonight, I could suddenly access the Apple store with no problem but as soon as I attempted to subscribe to a Podcast, same ole' same ole' -9812.

    I realize this is a software security issue generated from MY software but as a 20 year IT professional, I cannot fathom how to correct it without help.

    Once again it's "customer in the middle" and now it's not only Apple and Microsoft but the security provider as well. This is exactly what Apple advertises as the difference between MS and Apple and here we sit, not knowing what to do other than turning off all security just so we can subscribe to a Podcast? On a Microsoft machine?

    I just thank god that Apple will now sync Outlook with the new iPhone 3G and that it will also sync to Apple Mail/Contacts. There's hope now that one day I might actually be able to become PC free, although the price is astronomical to do so.

    Rant complete! I hope the Apple reps made it this far!

  • Dawnekins Level 1 Level 1
    I have been having this same problem for over a week now have disabled firewall, checked keychains, date and time settings and ensured my server is not blocking relevant ports and still no luck. I love my Apple products, mac book and ipod and looking at iphone but disappointed in their support. Not going to spend $49 for extended support just so i can log into itunes and spend more money with them. I'm going to rhapsody and abandoning the notion of an iphone if i cant buy aps. Did anyone ever solve this problem as it seems I'm not alone.
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