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When I first got the iPhone last weekend and started making calls, I was getting crystal clear audio. Now when I receive calls, I'm starting to hear a bit of a crackle (sounds almost like a static shock) when the person on the other end's voice increases sharply in volume or frequency. This occurs regardless of whether I'm getting 3G service or not. I'm trying to debug the problem so I can determine if it is the phone, at&t's service, or something else. I've played music and videos at the same audio level and not heard any of the same impurities, so I'm pretty sure it's not my headphones or the iPhone audio and is more related to the carrier or the phone part of the iPhone.

I'm coming from Verizon, and I had Cingular 5 years ago (which prompted me to switch to Verizon) so I'm still getting used to losing a signal in some areas, which is somewhat okay to me, but if this audio quality issue continues it may be a dealbreaker. Any ideas? I'm confused because the call quality was crystal clear and far and above what I've gotten from VZW until yesterday.

iBook G4, iPhone 3G, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Same here. It's definitely not the headphones. It must be something to do with either the phone as you said, or the carrier. Totally annoying.
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    I feel like the metal mesh on the 3G ear speaker rattles when the person on the other end speaks louder.

    I've tried adjusting the volume lower and the rattle goes away. However, when the person speaks softer, I can't hear them that well. I should be able to turn it up to a reasonable level without hearing the rattle.

    Anyone else get this problem?
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    This sounds similar to the "Earphone Distortion" post that has since been archived over in the iPhone --> Phone Discussion forum: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1040135&tstart=165

    Can someone else confirm that this existed in 2G? Is anyone having this problem like I am with their 3G?

    I'm tempted to go back to the Apple store and do a comparison on the earphone of a floor model. All-in-all, I'm happy with my iPhone, but I've never had such a terrible earphone speaker.
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    Just to follow up...

    I returned my phone yesterday for the crackling audio problem. To clarify, it was only happening on 3G, not Edge, only via headphones, and not with music, just calls. The built in earpiece sounded fine. Upon explaining that to the Genius Bar they (after testing and confirming the problem) concluded it was probably an overloaded headphone jack.

    The replacement phone (so far) has not exhibited the problem. I was worried that given the lack of chatter about this problem that maybe it was only my sensitive ears, and that it was "normal". I am glad to report it is not normal.
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    Hello from Italy,
    same problem here. Audio crackling during call using headphones and phone speaker and :

    - it's not a high volume level problem
    - it's not a problem of headphone
    - it's not a problem of built-in speaker

    I had this problem since day one. I think that's a carrier related problem that should be fixed with a firmware release.

    MCDJ : if you heard this thing just using your headphones probably we are not talking about the same problem. Infact everyone with audio crackling noticed this problem using both headphones and built in speaker.




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    I already posted that I was getting crystal clear reception.

    This AM, in a follow up call, CarPhone Warehouse [who supplied the iPhone] was crackling ~ I assumed it was their end with the interview being recorded an all that. Maybe not?
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    I possibly thought that it was the connection on calls that was causing distortion, but playing the newest album download from the iTunes Music Store proved to the proof in the putting, if you will.

    I can listen at 30% volume and find massive distortion. This is via the built-in speaker, iPhone headphones, or my iShuffle g3 headphones. The iShuffle and my iMac via SoundSticks do not share this distortion. The iShuffle shows a little at max volume, but only a fraction of that which the iPhone displays.

    I will be taking it back to the Apple Store for sure. I just hope they have the white one in stock as it is a 30 trip.
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    Seems that somehow the EQ setting for iPod was on Bass Booster. I'm gonna beat my cousin with a rubber chicken for changing the setting! Turning off the EQ solved the iPod distortion problem. Seems that any song with a decent bassline gets very distorted with the setting.

    Still I'm getting a little distortion using it as a phone.. will have to troubleshoot it more.
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    I thought I was the only one, wow!

    Yes, I noticed last week that when I was talking to my friend on the phones ear piece that it had this long-crackling sound every-time my friend spoke.

    However I returned my iPhone because of that, plus 3G problems, iPhone freezing and having to restart and miss all my miss calls & text plus voice mails. Also the lagging, that was the main reason, with the iPhone I found myself waiting for every-thing (the transitions from screen to screen annoyed me). Basically the phone wasn't for me but is for others.
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    With last firmware update issue has been fixed ! Thank you Apple!