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Syncd several photo albums from iPhoto into new iPhone 3G. Now, if I try to delete from phone there is no way. In Photo folder (on phone) it shows a folder for camera roll as well as the three folders from iPhoto. I know that I can delete items in camera roll, but my albums are outside the camera roll. If I have the phone connected to my Mac, iPhoto shows the phone; it shows what is in the camera roll but it doesn't show the other albums. So I have no way of deleting them from phone. I've also connected to a PC with the same results -- "no photos." I know a reset will clear it all, but is there any other solution??
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    Aaargh!! I'm trying to do the same thing and can't figure it out! I hope someone out there can let us know.
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    You cannot delete a single folder. You have to delete all photos by syncing either selected photos (folders) or all photos. If you have a folder that you do not want in your iPhone you can move the folder from "my pictures" to "my documents" (then delete the folder in my pictures that you do not want on your iPhone). After you sync your remaining photos, move the folder(s) from "my documents" back into "my pictures"....that's what I do.
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    When you plug the iPhone into iTunes, there are about 6-8 tabs with various options. Go to the Photos tab, and tell it not to sync those albums.

    (It should be exactly the reverse of how you got the photos on the phone in the first place)
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    The reason you're not able to remove those folders is that they are still contained in the iPod Photo Cache folder (on a PC, it's created in your "My Pictures" folder). Once you delete the folders and the cache folder, re-sync and they should be removed.