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I apologize if this has been posted already, but without a search feature for the forums I have no way of knowing.

I have an original iPhone 16GB (model MB384LL) that was recently upgraded to firmware version 2.0 (build 5A347). I usually keep my phone set to vibrate. I noticed immediately that the vibration was less intense than it had been and was almost undetectable in my pocket. I determined that the ring "volume" was half of its maximum and chalked that up to a preference reset after the upgrade. I used the side buttons while looking at the slider in the sounds preferences and the slider went up to maximum. This, however, did not increase the intensity of the vibration. When I use my finger on the slider to move the slider from max down to half and back up then the vibration goes back to the intensity I expect.

However, after placing or receiving a call, the ring volume/vibration intensity drops back to half with no user interaction. This is absolutely repeatable, and would seem to me that it's a bug

Anyone else experiencing this, or have heard this reported? Is Apple aware of this? Is there a list of current "known issues" with the iPhone 2.0 firmware?

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    Wow, I am having the same exact issue and I thought I was the only one until I finally found this. I currently have the original iPhone - 8 GB and it is doing the same thing. The only way to change it without rebooting the phone is to slide the volume slider up and down in the Sounds menu. It is getting a little annoying because I have missed numerous calls and text messages with my phone in my pocket. You can barely feel it vibrate when it does this. I thought it was a hardware issue, but now I am starting to think it is a software issue? I don't know, but I was going to wait a few weeks before going to the Apple Store b/c of all the craziness still going on with the iPhone 3G launch.
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    The problem seems to have gone away with other software updates.