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In my user start objects I see an object labelled "iTunes Helper". Could anybody tell me what this this thing does there? Will removing it cause any trouble?

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  • Nick Holmes Level 7 Level 7 (29,955 points)
    iTunes Helper does two things:

    It speeds up the time that iTunes needs to start up and checks for connected devices, such as iPods.

    Disabling it will not cause trouble as such, but you might have to wait longer for iTunes to become usable or for the program to "see" an iPod.
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    Thank you, Nick. Good to know.

    One more thing:
    If I have deleted it from the startup list and want it back, how do I do that?
  • Nick Holmes Level 7 Level 7 (29,955 points)
    I have never actually tried this but it might work:

    The iTunes Helper is inside the iTunes application itself. Mac applications are, for the most part, folders - albeit "special" folders.

    Right click on the iTunes icon in Finder. From the drop down menu choose "Show Package Contents"

    I see you are from Germany - in this case it would be "Packet Inhalt Anzeigen", assuming your system is running in German.

    A new smaller Finder window will open with a folder named "Contents"in it. Open it and then the folder inside named "Resources". Find the iTunes Helper and make an Alias of it (press cmd & L keys).

    Drag this alias to your Desktop.

    In System Preferences > Accounts choose Startup Items (Start Objekte ?) and click the + symbol at bottom left. Navigate to your iTunes Helper alias and click "Choose".

    You can now delete the alias.

    Or... just leave iTunes Helper where it is
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    YOU ARE BRILLIANT!!! I have been trying to solve this problem for AGES. THANK YOU!!!!
  • Nick Holmes Level 7 Level 7 (29,955 points)
    Cool! Then my suggestion does work.
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    Great. Thanks. Just gave you a "Helpful" Star in return!