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shakydrums Level 1 Level 1
This would be great because I use my iphone as an alarm clock. But I don't necessarily want to hear the phone ring. But I DO want to hear the alarm go off.


iphone 3g, Windows Vista
  • JouniA Level 1 Level 1
    The alarm should go off even if you use the mute switch on the phone. So mute the ringer with the switch if you don't want to hear it.

    Or did you have something else in mind?
  • shakydrums Level 1 Level 1
    There seems to be a direct relationship between the ringer volume and how loud the volume of the alarm is. I am saying these should be separate; when you set up an alarm, you should be able to specify the volume of the audio alert of that alarm.

    I haven't tested the iphone ringer on mute to see how loud the alert/alarm is. But I did turn down my ringer volume last night, and my alarm this morning was not nearly as loud as when I had the ringer volume on full.
  • MacSinceMySE Level 1 Level 1
    I've noticed that my volume changes after using apps and other mysterious times. My 1st Gen. iPhone with 2.0 has been a problem with the alarms. Had my alarm ringing for 1.5 hrs a few days ago and slept in for work. Good thing the other pilot woke me up and the flight went out on time. Whew! So lets get a master alarm volume setting. I usually use the toggle to mute the ringer and the alarm is fine, but now the volume is mysteriously going to minimum for the ringer.
  • omarz Level 1 Level 1
    I found the problem! Ring volume is not related to the settings->sound->volume but to the iPod volume when head set are unplugged.
  • GeoMath Level 1 Level 1
    It would be very nice if the iPhone Alarm clock volume can be set independent of the main volume!

    Turning down the sound volume at night, means you will not be on time for work the next morning. (if one forgets to (re)set the volume to 100%) Luckily it does bypass het headphone plug.
  • roaminggnome Level 10 Level 10
    Tell Apple:

  • MidnightBindi Level 1 Level 1
    it would be so awesome to have different volumes for alarm and ringer. i try to take a 15min nap during the day and want to turn off sound for ringer but obviously need alarm to go off.