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I upgraded my first-gen iPhone to 2.0, and now the phone won't retrieve Yahoo mail. Oddly, the phone is only showing emails dating back to 6/15. It attempts to connect to the mail server, but never downloads new mail. I've tried powering off the phone, but that didn't work.

Has anyone else experienced this type of problem?
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    I'm having the same issue. I don't get any new mail past May '08. If you find out anything please let me know. I have the iPhone 3G 16GB.
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    Try deleting the old emails from your phone. My phone did the same thing. I have five email accounts that I check...only the first two were displaying emails. They were displaying emails that were still on the email server but I had previously viewed on my phone and deleted from my phone. When I deleted these emails from my phone again, my other emails started arriving.
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    Well, I tried deleting about 50 emails from the phone, but it didn't work...I'm still not getting emails that were sent after 6/15.
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    My iPhone has been "stuck in stupid" several times a day in regards to downloading email since the new software. I've had this happen before...but never several times a day, every day. Anyhow, try turning off the phone for a second and see if that gives your phone what it needs to go fetch those emails.

    I'm still having problems with my phone in lots of areas. I wish I'd never downloaded the new iTunes and new iPhone software. Everything was great before that......
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    I'm having the exact same problem, except I can't get any Yahoo mail past June 12th! However, I'm not experiencing this problem with my Google account. What could be causing this? Is it Yahoo's fault?