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Alright, something happened with my iPod to where it won't sync and needs to reset to factory settings. I, however, do not have Internet access at home (I'm typing this from school), and the school computers have lessened privileges, so I'm not allowed to install iTunes here to fix the problem, which seems to be the only real solution Apple can offer as I've seen in the Support pages here.

Does anyone know how to solve this? Is there some sort of third-party software that can reset an iPod Classic without requiring Internet access?

AMD Athlon 3200, Windows XP, SP2
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    Unfortunately, you need internet access (via iTunes) to restore the iPod.

    Even if there were some 3rd party software, how would you download it if you have no internet access?
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    I download it at school (whence I am typing) and transfer it from my iPod onto my tower, install and run the application from there.

    See, the problem with running iTunes at school is that student priveleges don't allow them to install software on the towers at school. It is physically impossible. We have VMWare and I can install programs on the virtual machines, but it seems the .ISOs for VMWare have bad USB connectivity, 1.0. For whatever reason, the XP Professional .ISO crashes everytime I plug my iPod in and tell VMWare to let the guest machine recognize it. Otherwise I would do this. I would really feel silly asking the help desk or my teacher to give me temporary admin privileges just to install iTunes and repair my iPod because I can't do it at home.

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    Okay, I completely went stupid and forgot we have iMacs in several of the rooms here at my college. The problem now, however, is that I need administrative authentication for iTunes to update the already downloaded software. I went into Terminal and sifted through the /Application/iTunes.app directory to see if I could find anything resembling an executable or otherwise... and to no avail. It seems a third-party app really is the best solution here.

    I can download from the school computers onto my iPod using it as a portable hard drive to transfer a third-party iPod resetting program to reset it... if there existed such a thing. I haven't found one yet. I even tried using "format g:" (G is the drive letter associated with my iPod on Windows), but since iPods don't use NTFS (they use the FAT32 file system), it can't perform a format command on anything over 4GB of space.

    I'm honestly trying my damnedest to fix this, but I may end up just having an 80GB hard drive otherwise known as an iPod Classic until I'm capable of getting Internet, which currently is a loooooong way off. See, if I had any way of clearing the data on it and restoring an image file (.ISO) from a default iPod Classic system layout onto my iPod it may work, since I'm not too particularly familiar with the default iPod software enough to reproduce it or find an algorithm to get inside the file structure already employed by the iPod Classic.

    I wonder if such things exist... that may be the route I'll have to take if I can't get the third-party solution by default. Does anyone have any ideas?

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