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I have an issue with Itunes and syncing. I have the latest version of Itunes, however this problem existed even the previous version of Itunes. Anyway, the issue is whenever I try to sync, during the sync the iphone autumatically shuts off and restarts on its own. I am not running 2.0 on the iphone yet. I tried to install which automatically backs up but even then I get an error because the phone shuts off. Is anyone else having these problems? I have reinstalled Itunes and have pulled other USB devices off. I even switched the ports for the USB for the phone. Does anyone have any ideas? I been trying to figure this one out for a while. I know the first issue is the PC part. Just saving up to buy a new Mac. This is my work computer....URGGGHHH!

PC, Windows XP, Dell Latitude D610
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    I know you said you removed other USB devices, but do you know if your USB ports are 1.1 or 2.0?
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    I am not sure, but I will assume that this computer would have both. I never had a problem with it before until the last few weeks. It seems strange. I shut down and restarted a few times. I am kind out of ideas here.
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    It states that it is Error -35. I tried looking that one up and can't find anything on it.
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    I think my friend's iphone does the same thing- this started a few weeks ago (before 2.0)
    The phone will turn itself on and off during the sync. It wasn't really a problem until now that she's upgraded to 2.0. It undoubtedly messed up the transition since it wasn't properly synced. She's lost settings, etc. since upgrading.
    I'm not sure what to suggest to her- she's not plugging into the USB port on her keyboard- she's plugged into a USB hub- I suppose her next move should be trying to sync directly to the USB on her imac. Any suggestions???
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    It is a real problem. It was working fine for a while and for some reason it just shuts off. When I try to upgrade the OS, while backing up it shuts off during it. I get an error -35. This is a serious issue, especially when I spent $400 bucks on having this. It is a real headache. I have been mostly a mac guy all my life. I have a PC for work, unfortunately, but I do plan to get the latest Imac. Anyway, anyone out there with an answer?
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    I have personally witnessed this with a coworker. During the restore process after the upgrade her screen would go completely blank and then after a while she would see an error message on her XP machine saying that the iphone cannot be restored error 1603 (or 1604).

    When I plugged her phone into my MacBook and did a restore everything was different. Rather than get a blank screen we saw the apple logo and the circle down at the bottom indicating that it was doing something. We were able to completely restore her phone from my MacBook when she had not been able to restore her phone for 2 days on her XP. There seems to be some incompatibility between something running in Windows, for example in our office PC's we run Norton antivirus, that causes a problem with the device. It must somehow sense that whatever it is trying to do is a threat and is blocking its ability to communicate with iTunes.