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My iphone seems to not be able to find any devices, i turn on the bluetooth and nothing under devices it just searches and searches and searches, nothing found.

I heard that iphones can only connect with other iphones (is this true?), well i tried that and still nothing was found. BUT when i first got my phone, a friend with a blackberry was able to find me and pair with me, even though i couldnt find their device.

This is very frustrating

Windows Vista
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    Bluetooth on an iPhone is for headsets and some car systems only. You cannot at this time connect to another phone or a computer via Bluetooth.
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    howwas it able to connect to the blackberry though? and i have a headset but it wasnt finding it. It just seems strange that the blackberry can find me and connect to me without me ever finding them on my devices
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    A BT device might see the iPhone and seem to be able to pair with it, but unless there's something in the iPhone 3G that's not been announced by Apple, nothing useful is going to happen after that. There's just no BT profile in the iPhone for connecting to another phone or to a computer.

    As to not finding the headset, perhaps if you post the model of headset you have, someone will be able to provide advice. I'd suggest you start a new topic for that, with a subject line something like "iPhone unable to connect to <insert your model here> headset".


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