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Can I run the iPhone development SDK on Windows? If no, will I ever be able to? Thanks.

Acer, Windows Vista
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    Do you think this is a little inconsiderate since, aside from Mac's growing popularity, the majority of computers everywhere run on windows. That should mean there are more developers that use windows computers. Some who can't afford a nice macbook, iMac ect. Does it seem fair to hold those developers back just because they don't have a mac? and how hard would it be to turn that .dmg file into a .zip or .exe anyway? that doesn't seem like such a difficult task for a company like apple. I guess the point is, why not give the windows users a chance to show what they got. Besides, it's the Windows company that is Apple's rival, not the comsumers.

    Response would be greatly appreciated
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    Hi Linx,

    the main problem for Apple to release a iPhone SDK for Windows seems to be, that the iPhone itself is running on an 'embedded' version of OS X.

    Emulating all the needed resources and system calls on a Windows system might not be as easy as one would like.

    Personally I think it is a matter of time, given the fact that the very first iPods were also Mac-only.

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    Sure the numbers are different but could the same not be said of all the developers that don't release a Mac version of their software?